Staples Easy Rebates

I have seen the commercials, I am sure you have as well, but I didn't think much of it when I went to Staples recently. To my sunrise they had DVD-R 40 packs for a mere $5! This was after a $4 in store and $9 online rebate! I only went in to buy a flatbed scanner, HP Deskjet ink, and look at Palm PDAs but at that price, heck yea.

Staples has an Easy Rebates site where you put in two numbers, and your rebates are done. One number is a unique number per item, and the other is a ID number from that entire receipt. If you buy more then one of an item (DVD-R 40 pack, for example) you only have to input it once. Thats pretty nice.

The waiting is still the same, but you no longer have to slap a stamp on a letter and drop it in the mail. Online rebates are so cool. More stores should think about online rebates.

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Yeah, Staples Easy Rebates would be great if it worked, but alas, sometimes it goes ruinously wrong! I submitted a $10 rebate request a month and a half ago. Parago, Staples' rebate processing vendor, is refusing to honor the rebate. Their claimed reasons for doing so make no sense and contradict the information about my submission visible to me on their Web site. I've documented the entire story at, which I am keeping current with updates as they occur.

I got my rebate in a very short amount of time. It was maybe three weeks. Sorry you got screwed.

Bryan McDowel:

Definitely would be cool if it worked. For me it didn't work at all, so we had to submit it by mail.
I was then later screwed out of the rebate by Parago's loving bait-and-switch advertising and piss-pour (misspell intended) service.

Don't be fooled by these cheap parlor tricks like "easy-rebates" It's all another scam. In a long history of purchasing products with rebates, I have maybe gotten the rebate without hassle once. It's just easier to either wait or buy the product online somewhere else cheaper.

The more I learn about rebates, the less I like them. No wonder they are being used so often now. They hide a products price increase, as well as give the corporation the chance to do what they call "float". They take the money and invest it.

The company has every incentive to let the check "disappear" in the mail, or "forget" to send it to you. In some cases, like with Parago (Staples Easy Rebate Company), they will find any reason to knock you down. So you better hope your damn code works.

Look up Parago online to find thousands of BBB complaints and many horror stories like the one above.

Rebates are a scam.


I also have problem with staples easy rebates. I submitted them after my thanksgiving's purchase. I didn't receive any email confirmation and now after 6-8 weeks' wait, I went to the website and it said cannot find my info. My rebate disappeared and they claimed after 60 days, I'm not qualified to submit again. Staples owns the database and they play the game behind the screen. I lost almost 150$ rebates. Staples is so bad!!!!

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