The Ten Greatest Moments in Video Game Violence

Since the Illinois state government wants to ban violent video games because there seems to be nothing else important to them on Earth, it's time to discuss exactly what they want to keep under wraps. What follows, in no particular order, are the 10 greatest moments of video game violence ever conceived. Each game/series will only be used once to prevent repetition (and since some of these games are so brutal, they would own the entire list). Pick a fave if you want, but you know each one of these are unforgettable and yet some idiots want this taken away from us. If you haven't figured it out, this isn't an article for the weak-stomached.

"Grand Theft Auto 3:" Sniping the Old Lady... Ok, you could pick just about any moment in "GTA" and run with it, but getting up on parking garage, taking aim at the old woman with the walker, and pulling the trigger to watch a spurt of blood fly out as she looks for her head is priceless.

"Resident Evil 4:" Decapitation by Chainsaw... For everything "RE4" did to keep you playing, it's even more fun to get killed. Letting the insane chainsaw-wielding madmen (or woman) lop your head off ever so slowly takes the cake. It's amazing this one managed an "M" rating and didn't get worse.

"Mortal Kombat 4:" Quan Chi Leg Rip... A lot of classics to choose from in this series to say the least. Here, Quan Chi rips your leg off (after tugging on it for a few seconds) and then proceeds to beat you with it. As any attempts to get up are tried, he takes another swing. If this list was in some sort of order, you could expect this one in the top two.

"Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side:" The Long Fall... Only in the Sega CD version, this one sends your opponent into the X-Ray machine in the background, warping them into some sort of pit. There they fall, being chopped up on 4 different levels by gears and saws. Their skin gets ripped off, bones break, and their skull is the only thing left by the time they reach the bottom (and even that disintegrates upon impact). It has to be one of the longest deaths in gaming history. Actually, view it here for yourself.

"Primal Rage:" Golden Shower... Banned from the Super Nintendo version after a mother complained (and obviously missed the rating on the box), this is a classic. Chaos knocks the opponent down, turns his back to the player, and then realizes he had too much to drink. He begins whizzing all over the downed opponent, disintegrating them in the process.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre:" Head Lop... This is definitely one of the earliest examples of gaming gone wrong. Players control the always-popular Leatherface as he looks to take peoples heads off with a chainsaw. Successfully completing the task shows the victim running around, minus head, as a blood spurts out from what's left of their body. Hilarity ensues.

"Doom:" Mancubus Death... Tough call but lets go with this one. Once pumped full of enough bullets, this fat disgusting blob collapses into a puddle of his innards, blubber and blood. The death of the Cacodemon is a close second.

"Way of the Warrior:" Lava Pit... The game may have been an absolute disaster gameplay wise for the 3DO, but this fatality probably sold the game. Knocking the player into the pool of lava surrounding the fight, the poor sap dunks in rather quietly. Then, in one of the better gaming scares of all time, the overcooked human jumps from the pool, splats against the "screen," all his/her flesh barely hanging on.

"Killer Instinct:" Spinal Impale... Under appreciated for its violence, "KI" has some good ones. Spinal was really hard to use, though once mastered, you can pull off this one. Here, he takes a few swipes with his sword, which was plenty enough; then a giant spike pops out of his shield, penetrating the body in the best way possible.

"Prince of Persia:" Razor Blade Fall... A classic in animation, the original "POP" was really quite brutal. Missing a jump is all it took, falling into a pit of giant razor blade like things. Various body parts are sliced and diced (plus a few gallons of blood drape the blades) in a classic segment. All of three people probably finished the game because all they wanted to do was die.

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You missed just about any scene in Manhunt. That whole point of the game is to be as violent as possible.

Yeah, I thought about that. Manhunt though, well, it's not "fun" violence if you get what I mean. Getting beaten to death by your own leg, that's funny. Anything in Manhunt, well, it's disturbing. I can look at my picks and laugh about each one (and realize how sick I can be), but not with Manhunt.

micheal begay:

I think that is mostly true. You need some more gta moments

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