Tomorrow is the day

This is killing me. I have one more day to wait for my PSP and I can't take it any more. I have received three games and my accessories for my PSP and all I can do is look at them.

I haven't been this excited about a console launch since... since the Game Boy Advance. Ahh, fond memories. I ordered a GBA from Japan and had mine months before the U.S. launch. Playing Castlevania: Circle of the Moon in Japanese was a little odd, but I managed.

Importing a PSP is a lot more costly then a GBA, so I passed.

I don't remember a launch lineup as strong as this lineup for the PSP. The only bad things I have read are load times and the two-step method to shoot the ball in NBA. But then these are first generation games, and NBA is a 989 game.

Since I have an AirPort network in my apartment, it will be easy for me to use the Infrastructure mode to play games like Twisted Metal: Head On online.

With the 4.3 inch screen, I think I will be more inclined to sync my photos with my PSP then my iPod. We will see. Its all about the software. If someone designs a good User Interface to sync with the PSP and iApps, the iPod photo of mine might take a back seat for photos.

I am sure you will all know somewhat shortly after I get my hands on my PSP. The click is ticking, and yes, I am counting.

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