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iTunes on both the Mac and PC is a terrific application, but it has a singular advantage on the Mac—its support of Apple’s scripting language, AppleScript. Regrettably, writing AppleScripts is beyond the ken of a lot of Mac users. Fortunately, that makes not a whit of difference thanks to Doug Adams and his invaluable site, Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes.
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It is not really fair to boil down the scripts on Doug's site to 10, but the list here is pretty good. If you have not thought of extending iTunes with AppleScripts, you may find yourself wasting a lot of time. There are a great many things you can do with Doug's AppleScripts. What's more is that he is not the type of person who does not support his work. I have emailed him regarding a couple of his scripts, and he has gotten back to me fairly quickly.

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Nice link, Ken. I always find something useful on your site. ;)

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