Beware unplanned SP2 downloads on April 12

On Tuesday, April 12, Microsoft will turn off the blocking feature that has made it possible for some enterprises to block Windows XP Service Pack 2 downloads by employees who use Automatic Update. That means in companies that used the blocking tool, SP2 will be downloaded automatically to desktop computers that use Windows' Automatic Update feature.
Source: InformationWeek.

Enterprise Windows customers must be thrilled. As if their IT staffs don't have enough problems. Thanks to Matt for the link. And if you are a home user and don't know about it, guess what? You are getting SP2 on the 12th. Hurray!

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The majority of home users will already have it - it's been on Windows Update for months. However, it was possible to install a small patch from MS to block SP2 until April 12th, which is what this is about.

In any case, I think 8 months (plus the 4 month release candidate phase) is ample time to ensure that your IT systems are ready for it.

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