Busy with web development

Wow have I been busy since getting back from my birthday weekend. Let me tell you, that was not the weekend to take off. Any other weekend would have been better. But I am not about to not enjoy my birthday. More on my birthday later, including a crazy ending to the weekend.

Right now I am working on a web site for the Center for Photochemical Sciences at BGSU. This has been a pretty big project. There is a designer, web developer (me), videographer, and a Flash developer. Getting to the final design has been a long road, to say the least.

I am also working on this site for the BG News Alumni Society. They need a message board and a content management system. I found MyBulletinBoard a very good rip off of vBulletinBoard. vBB is very good, but costs close to $200. I mainly wanted the ability to have customizable fields for the user profile page. vBB has this feature, but so does MyBB. For the CMS I am using Movable Type, of course. I thought of using Word Press because it is free, but MT is so low cost and I have years experience with it.

Other then that, I haven't even unpacked from my weekend at home. NBA Street Showdown arrived for PSP. I had that pre-ordered since March. Its a great game. But I haven't had time to play it for more then maybe 30 minutes.

So if you are looking for a reason for no new posts from me, those two web sites are pretty good examples.

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It's all lies people. I know the truth, and it's time to expose it.

See, every year around this time, Ken takes off for his 'birthday.' Yeah, a 'birthday.' It's an anniversary people. Back in 1977, his UFO landed in Sopchoppy Florida (oh, it exists, look it up). From there, he was abducted by government agents where he was exposed to radiation, forced into DNA testing experiments, and probed.

Now every year he's required to return for more tests. They now have plans to turn him into a super alien to combat Osama Bin Laden. If these tests go wrong, he could very well grow 300 feet tall, pop out a tail, breathe fire, and take out Tokyo.

Oh, and that whole 'website creation' thing? It's all a cover as he tries to contact his own kind with our primitive computer equipment. On his home planet of Gradhetiscszee (you need to pull your tounge out to pronounce it properly), all they have there are Macs. That's where his (its?) whole unhealthy obsession comes from. There they've evolved into super machines that control everything.

Or, this could all be a lie made to cover up something even bigger, like a real birthday. I mean, he DID get new clothes. I guess we'll never know....

It was 1978 Matt, geez. And yes I got cloths, a nice orange polo shirt I wore Monday. I really like it.

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