DOOM 3 Collector's Edition Xbox Review

DOOM 3 is finally out on the Xbox! And they actually packed more features then the PC release into the Collector's Edition for the Xbox. In this case, it really is worth the extra $10.00. Sure you get some frilly videos, but you also get Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II to play on your Xbox to boot! Oh and then there is Xbox Live, I almost forgot that.

Now lets get over what you get in this deal:

Full versions of the original ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM II. With single player or deathmatch and co-op in 2-4 player split-screen modes.
G4: VIDEO GAME TV “Icons” feature: “Behind the scenes of DOOM 3”
Interviews with the id Software team
Concept art: storyboard and sketch gallery
DOOM 3 (duh!) in a nice metal case

If you are like me, you grew up playing DOOM and DOOM II, not to mention Castle Wolfenstein, and pretty much everything out of the minds of id Software. So being able to play DOOM and DOOM II on my Xbox is really cool. Multiplayer is just gravy. Sure its pixilated to all hell! Thats not the point. Its DOOM.

Since I gave up on G4TechTV ages ago, it was nice to see the Icons show on the DOOM franchise. I only have one problem with it. It is not presented in full screen. Its about 3/4 full screen, with a lot of black around all four sides of the picture. I seriously doubt this was because of limitations to the Xbox. I do not see why, like with the Chaos Theory Special Edition, they could have put the bonus video and concept art on a second DVD. Then I could have at least seen it at full screen. I guess its not a big deal, but it is annoying. The Icons episode itself was great, they usually are. The four developer interviews were also nice too, but nothing I did not know.

The concept art was video, and not a slide show to flip through, which was a nice touch. Concept art on a game as good as DOOM 3 is always great to see, and they did not skimp on showing some great pieces in the short but sweet video.

The only thing I do not like about these “special edition” cases is the plastic sleeve they come in. I am all for an innovative design to set them apart from the “normal” game cases, but take into account usability please. To put the game back in the case, you have to take the sleeve off first. Thanks but no thanks. These cases are the worst part of the “special edition” games.

Call me crazy but I don't like to fiddle with the stupid case when I want to put a different game in.

So this gets down to the game, DOOM 3 itself. I have been drooling over it since it hit E3. When it came out for the PC and saw the video review of it, I was just floored. That E3 demo was real, and no one believed it was in-game footage.

DOOM 3 is a great game. It has cheap tricks to scare the crap out of you. It is very linear. It does absolutely nothing innovative to the First Person Shooter genre. Hell, its not even a sequel. Its a retelling of DOOM, even with the same weapons and enemies. I fault the gaming media for calling this a bad thing. So what if its DOOM reincarnate? DOOM 3 is Hell reincarnate and its a blast to play, and is not boring what so ever. Seeing all the old enemies in scary-as-hell form is great. The game has tension and it oozes with atmosphere.

The best way to play is in the dark and the volume all the way up. The visuals are impressive, there is no doubt about that. What is more impressive is the use of audio. They surely didn't have to do that, but id went the extra mile.

So far I am up to the second boss in the game, and I am glued to my TV. Playing deathmatch on Xbox Live is good, but not great. Its not like this is Quake 3 Arena or Unreal Tournament 2004. It is still a heck of a lot of fun to go fragging for a couple hours. There is nothing wrong with a little mindless fun. Co-op DOOM 3 on Xbox Live is the real gem of the online in DOOM 3. Just like co-op in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, the co-op adds a lot to the experience, and extends the life of the game.

I don't usually rate games, but maybe I should start. Even though I have not finished the campaign I can say that the single player was very well worth the price of admission. Xbox Live, not to mention the nostalgia that is DOOM and DOOM II are just icing on the cake.

DOOM 3 gets a 9.5, and the Collector's Edition is defiantly worth picking up.

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