Five year-old handcuffed in school

National news sadly and the biggest overreaction this country has had since the Janet Jackson incident. The video of the whole day has made rounds across the news and you can't say the cops or the school were in the wrong until you've seen it. Once you have and if you still think they were wrong, rewatch it.

This girl wasn't just throwing a tantrum; she was punching and kicking teachers and the principle. Hard. She was swinging for the fences. At one point, I'd swear she was grabbing for thumbtacks. God knows what she would have done with one of those.

Since we live in such a ridiculous, sue-happy society, a teacher can't even touch a student without the fear of a lawsuit. The parent was at least an hour if not more away according to Court TV. They had no choice. The cops came in, she continued to throw a fit and tried to fight with them too. What did you want them to do? They have a job to do.

I don't give a rats ass if she was 5 or 50, she was literally going after people. Too damn bad. I don't care if she's going to be traumatized or not; at the very least, she's learned a good lesson. I can guarantee you she won't try this again. If you're old enough to punch someone in the stomach with intention to hurt them, you're old enough to be handcuffed.

Besides, at what age is it appropriate to hancuff a child? What if she was 8? 10? When is it "acceptable?" If this was 30 years ago, sure, the teachers would have grabbed her and threw her into a chair. They can't do that anymore because they'll be sued (which of course they're going to be now anyway for 'overreacting'). Get over it people. The kid acted like an idiot and handcuffing her is hardly some major national event.

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Kia `:

Anyone that does not see this as an injustice has to be an unjust person. Unfortunatley children at the age of five throw tantrums and F.Y.I. if a five year old punches you, you will recover. On the other hand she may never recover from what happened to her. I think that the problem is that we have removed corpral punishment from the schools and we have frowned upon it in the home. Sadly the answer is not to compensate for our own misjudgement by tormenting five year olds for doing what is natural to them. There was and is a better way to handle these types of situations. The police and the school responded irresponsibly and should be held accountable. We should make a big deal out of it because it is foreshadowing what is to come if we don't take back our schools. We have government officials making the rules up for our children when their children don't attend public schools. Makes you question how can they really be aware of whats going on inside of our schools if they've never interacted with them? I don't think that we should try to place blame rather find a better solution.

Bull. Once the kid starts punching adults and the parent(s) can't be reached, something needs to be done. My god, they put a piece of metal on her hands. You don't become traumatized by having two pieces of metal connected by a chain on your hands no matter your age.

What was appropriate? What could the teachers do? Nothing. They can't touch a kid without being sued anymore. Do you expect them to sit there and get beaten by a 5-year old? Hell no. That's not in their job decription. Their job is one of the hardest in the world and to expect them to deal with the daughter of Satan should not be their problem.

Now they're really screwed anyway because the mother if filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit and she wants psychatric care for her kid for life. SHE WAS HANDCUFFED. You don't get millions of dollars for being handcuffed. If she has any emotional problems, they're starting at home and the school had nothing to to with it.


Ok, to say the kid is the daughter of Satan is harsh. Yes, she's a little bad ass but there is no need to take it there. In my opinion, she is a freaking five year old, did it really take three supposedly trained policemen to handcuff this little girl? How much strength does she really have? All it took was someone to simply grab her arms and hold her. Her arm nor leg reach is that long, for crying out loud. Handcuffs wasn't required in this situation.

Hey, if people can overreact so badly over a kid having pieces of metal on her hands, I can call her Satan's daughter.

Did they need three cops? Proobably not. Peronally, I'd send in 10 to wake this girl up THAT YOU DON'T HIT AUTHORITY FIGURES. Obviously this is something not being done at home. Have to get it through to her somehow. I threw a tantrum in kindergarten once, but I sure as hell didn't take a swing at my teacher. I knew at 5 not to hit people.

What's the difference if they use their own hands or handcuffs? How is one any worse than the other? They achieve the same thing. If they grab her and hold on, then all of sudden some idiot starts screaming assault and race will be brought in.


I have been trying to view this video and cant seem to be able to.....I want to judge for myself.....any ideas on how to watch it? I keep getting kicked off the ABC site.

Google 5 year old hancuffed and see what you can find. Make sure you have the right player too.


Ordinarilly I'd be appauled but looking at the video of this wild little girl, you could see she was BUCK WILD and had no home training. She needs a good ASS WHUPPIN. Spare the rod, spoil the child. And this child is ROTTEN. She deserved what she got and more!!!


I think it's absurd that an educated teacher and assistant principle would find it necessary to call the police on a 5 year old. It is even more alarming that the police department would respond to such a call. This was clearly a waste of tax payer dollars. The two authorities were dead wrong because #1. There job does include handling misbehaving children. When a person decides to take on the profession of teaching elementary school, this is what their signing up for!!!!!! The teachers should have used some of their tactics which they didn’t do!!! #2 the child was seated and quiet when the police arrived and the cuffs were NOT necessary. Those officers should not have been working, they were not trained. They were cuff happy!!! #3 forcefully doing anything to a child or an adult for that matter is a dramatic experience especially when unjust. For example: rape, abuse, arrest. #4 There is too much crime done to children, we need to protect our children not abuse them. This is why the actions were uncaused for. The whole thing is just silly and I hope that we learn something from this. The US has its priorities confused. Arrest criminals not children. Teachers and law enforcement should be the highest paid profession Not politicians. They work for us, make them work for us.


I have worked with juveniles for over 10 years. The police are supposed to be TRAINED to handle such situations. This was a 5 year old. Any police officer who cannot reasonably handle the physical aggression of a 5 year old needs to go back to training. I speak from experience of having to handle 15, 16, and 17 year old males who are physically aggressive. Though sometimes physical restraint becomes a must in such situations where the staff and youth can be injured...THIS IS A 5 YEAR OLD. If the cops cannot take a lick from a kid this young they have no business being cops. I am pretty sure that any one of these officers could have simply grabbed her hands if needed. God forbid if they have to face a drunk on the streets. Then again how many police officers did it take to beat the crap out of Rodney King? So maybe we shouldn't be so shocked that this incident happened.

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