Half of PSP stock has been sold

Not the greatest number, but when you consider the price, time of the year, and lack of any major promotion, it's an ok launch. The European release is going to be real interesting, especially considering they delayed the system over there.

Note: This number conflicts with a Gamespot report, which says an extra 100,000 have been sold.

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an ok launch? fanboyism aside, I'd say that considering the hype around the psp and the media support it got, the launch really went down the crapper. which is kinda surprising, since the psp has some good launch titles. I guess Sony should have fixed the battery issue first and worked on the price a bit.

There are no battery issues. It's no worse than the Game Gear or the Lynx before it. Considering it's not even a mid-year launch, it was solid. The mainstream rarely gets the media hype since they don't really read the magazines and such. Without a lick of advertising pre-launch, it did quite well.

Darnit Matt you got to this before me. Matt and I might sound like a bunch of fanboys, but in truth, the PSP launch was a success.

Considering Nintendo OWNS this market, it is somewhat amazing that Sony could find enough buyers. When the PSP was first announced no one thought they would sell against the Game Boy.

They had NO advertising out, and it is not Christmas. The Nintendo DS sold so well because it was on the shelves for the Holiday buying season.

I think it is important to remember that no one though an electronics giant could sell a game console (the PSOne) and we all know how that turned out.

Just because the PSP has great titles doesn't mean it will sell. It doesn't have the same clout that Nintendo has in the handheld arena. It of course helps that the DS has little software out.


There are no battery issues. It's no worse than the Game Gear or the Lynx before it.

I own several Lynxes and two Game Gears. "No worse than the Lynx" and "no battery issues" simply don't go together. The Lynx *has* severe battery issues. So does the Game Gear. And, to a lesser extent, the PSP.

I often travel by train for somewhat over 4 hours. I can't recharge my console during that time. If a handheld can't be guaranteed to run for that long without changing the battery, it has battery issues. I buy handhelds to take them with me, not to keep them plugged in.

Considering Nintendo OWNS this market, it is somewhat amazing that Sony could find enough buyers.

Yeah, I'm almost feeling sorry for poor small Sony who can't compete against mighty Nintendo :-)

Nintendo has serious issues as far as their image is concerned. They may own the handheld market, but only because there never was any kind of serious competition. Jeez, they own that market with a console called the "Game Boy". Anyway, Sony owns the rest of the market, and they own mindshare. Nowadays, people don't generically call consoles "Nintendos", anymore, they call them "Playstations". I guess Sony hardly advertised the PSP because they didn't think they'd need to.

I really would have expected the PSP to do a lot better. Eventually, it probably will, but that they've only sold half their stock by now seems like a pretty big failure to me.

Yes, the Lynx had severe battery issues. However, on the PSP, at least you can recharge and you don't need stacks of AAA batteries in your pocket. That's bad battery life. If you have a four hour train ride, turn down the contrast, mute the audio, and make sure the LAN swtich is off. You'll be fine with most games. Better yet, buy a power pack.

Do you want that gorgeous screen or say, the Neo Geo Pocket one? That sort of screen with the overall size of the portable comes with a price. Sure, they could use some huge laptop battery, but how portable will that be?

Sony didn't advertise for the reason you stated and they didn't want ticked off consumers who couldn't find them. If they had advertised heavily, that would have happened. That ends up taking money out of Sony's pockets when dealers buy them up and hock them on eBay for $500. They learned from the PS2 launch.

They're at an advantage. The console is in stores, easily accesible. The hardcore crowd has theirs. Come Christmas, they should be well stocked. Did they expect all million to sell? Of course. Is is a bad sign that they didn't? No. Too many things are going against them right now which makes the launch impressive.

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