Intec PSP Aluminum Safe Case Review

This set of PSP accessories is well priced and has a number of great items. Unfortunately, some of the items leave something to be desired, and one advertised accessory is not even included. Regardless, this is a kit worth picking up of you want a case to tote your PSP on the go.

First the bad news. When I opened the mesh bag in the inner lid of this aluminum case, to take out the included accessories, the black lining pealed off in the right corner. This all within a minute of inspecting my new PSP case. Needless to say I had to glue it back together. I have had it for a three weeks now and have had no other structural problems with the case.

So what do you get in this accessory kit? You get a poker chip looking aluminum case. It has rubber feet. Mine has a small dent now because I dropped it because I am sometimes a klutz. But thats why I bought a case. I am very happy with the case, it has handled normal ware and tear just great. It did its job and protected my PSP from a fall.

As stated above, there is a mesh bag attached to the inner lid. It holds a lot of stuff. Velcro straps hold a flap between the mesh bad and the bottom compartments. One small compartment is meant for the included earbuds. One compartment is made for the included car adapter. Another compartment is made to fit the included UMD case. You have another compartment that you can put other stuff in, I put more games in that spot. Then you have the compartment for the PSP itself. The PSP fits with wiggle room, without the first party soft case. This aluminum case is the best part of this kit.

Safe Strap: This is not a wrist strap. This is a neck strap. For those who want to show off their PSP hanging on their chest. I guess. Even as a neck strap, it is rather long. And really useless.

Game Case: Now here is something useful. This Intec branded black case holds three PSP UMD discs. I liked this case until I got ahold of the Mad Catz UMD cases. The Mad Catz cases only hold one. This is a personal preference of course, but I don't like fumbling in one hard case to get to the UMD on the bottom. But if the Intec UMD case is all you have, it is great. You don't want to get dust or finger prints on the UMD itself. So this is a great addition to this kit.

Car Adaptor: A car adapter is a car adapter. It is always handy to have one of these in your PSP case. This one has a LED light and it swivels 90 degrees for those hard to reach locations. As a comparison this car adapter is not as big and clunky as the Mad Catz PSP car adapter.

Game Buds: Here is another great addition to this kit. These are black, not white. Not that I don't like walking around with I-have-an-iPod-please-steal-it earbuds where ever I go. Call me crazy, but I like black earbuds. The size of the earbuds are the same as the ones that come with the PSP which is a good thing. They are just as comfortable. As an added bonus these earbuds retract into themselves. Very handy for portability. The white PSP earbuds in contrast are not so easy to lug around.

Safe Screen: In my opinion you need a screen protector for your PSP's gorgeous screen. The tricky part is to get the screen protector on without ugly air bubbles. In this case the tricky part is to get the Intec Safe Screen off of its own protective plastic to put it on the PSP. I am not the best applicator of screen protectors, but I screwed it up the first time, before even getting a chance to apply the screen protector to the PSP. I fault this to horrible package design. There is no easy way to peal the screen protector back to apply it. Oh, you get a small plastic squeegee too, if you can use it that is. In contrast, the Mad Catz screen protectors are very easy to apply, and left no air bubbles after the second try.

Dock It station: The Intec Dock It is a cradle designed to allow for tabletop or desktop gaming, while at the same time, it lets you plug your power cord in to recharge the unit. One small problem: it is not included as the description on says it is.

I highly recommend Intec's Pro Gamer's Kit. The aluminum case itself, UMD case, earbuds, and car adapter are the best parts of the deal. The rest are so-so in usefulness to non existent. For $22.95 give or take, its a great deal.

It is worth noting you can purchase most of these items separately. You may want to if you only want one or two of the items.

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