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After a rough, harsh experience with Gamefly, it was time to switch. I stumbled upon a small outfit named "Into the Game." They seem to be quite new, but already their selection is excellent, delivery time well within expectations, and pricing superb.

Their packages are cheaper than Gamefly right from the start, and their standard trial is 14 days compared to ten. You do not have to wait 60 days to begin receiving three games like their competition; in fact, you can start out with four a month for $30.00. I went with the three game package for only $24.99 that is more than reasonable.

I signed up on a Friday in the late afternoon. My games were shipped the next morning. I received them on Tuesday, which is nothing short of remarkable coming from the west coast (I'm in Ohio). I sent two games back and chose to keep one for a little while longer. It took my games about five days to get back. That's not too bad, certainly better than the seven it was taking Gamefly to register the return.

Customer service was fast and efficient when I had a question. I received a satisfactory response in less than 24 hours. Every game I've requested has been in stock.

They're of course imperfect. Their website is hard to navigate, sloppy, and all-around annoying at times. For instance, instead of taking you to your queue when signing in, it shows what games are in your shopping cart. You then have to navigate backwards to get where you need to go.

They are unique in that they offer classic games for the Sega CD, Dreamcast, and PS One for rent. Unfortunately, they're missing both the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, though their PSP support is superb. If you would like to a request a title they don't have, they claim they'll get it if you post in their forums. Since there's hardly one post per day, it seems that the response time for that is questionable.

Finally, the envelopes they ship in are flimsy and fragile. I've had to tape up most of the returns myself. There's not much protection for the games in there either. However, not even one has come in damaged, so it must be enough protection.

Though my time with them has been short, this has been a far better experience than with Gamefly. Unless you're currently looking for Nintendo DS or GBA titles, there's no reason no to rent online here instead. Their pricing structure is better, their free trial is longer, and their service proved to be excellent. They should fit your needs perfectly.

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