Mad Catz PSP Mobile Kit

Mad Catz has a large litter of PSP accessory kits for you to chose from. No, I am serious, they have a lot of different configurations to ponder over. Most of these kits overlap in accessories. It just depends what you want. The PSP Mobile Kit is the one I chose. This, like many other bundles, have good and not so useful accessories included. The $35 Mobile Kit includes:

Leather Carry Case
Screen Protectors (4) & Cleaning Cloth
Battery Pack
Car Adapter
Game Cases (12)
USB Cable

The main reason I bought this Kit over all the others was for those 12 UMD cases. I am very leery that my $40 or $50 game is going to get dirty or smudged up thanks to, in my opinion, a bad design of the UMD by Sony.

These Mad Catz UMD cases are very well designed. I only wish they were all clear, instead its clear, blue, and black. It is very hard to read the UMD label inside the black cases. Nonetheless they provide great protection from dirt and grease. This single UMD case design appeals to me over the three to four capacity UMD cases that are popping up by different vendors now. This is a personal preference of course, its just easier to get to the game this way.

The leather carrying case has a belt loop, which is a nice touch. If you wear this around you are really going to look the part of the nerd. I rather use the first party carrying case, but its nice that this complete kit comes with a carrying case.

I had much better luck with the Mad Catz brand screen protectors then the one from Intec or even the Hori.

The battery pack uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) and is for use when the internal battery is dead. It works pretty good. I have not been able to test to see how many hours you get off of this battery pack. I only wish the cord from the PSP to the battery pack was a little longer.

The car adapter is nothing special. It has a LED, and right now is sitting in my glove compartment.

The wrap around style headphones you get are rather big and bulky, compared to the pair of Sony wrap around ones I have had for years. This is something I really didn't need. Another casualty of making this kit complete.

The last part of this kit is a mini-USB cable, otherwise knows as a digital camera USB cable. I really didn't need another one of these, but oh well, now I have another. After all it makes it easier to find in the rats nest when there is more then one!

The PSP Mobile Kit from Mad Catz is the most complete of all the various kits the company offers. It is also the only kit to offer 12 UMD cases. This is great if you have a lot of PSP games already, like I do. I have already used the AAA battery pack once, its pretty useful when out. The screen protectors proved to be easy to apply, on the first try too. The other items make a pretty complete all-in-one stop for PSP accessories. A great value in my opinion.

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