Mom wants to sell kids on eBay

I'm selling the baseball that started my wonderful first day of spring break. Do you want to know why I'm selling the baseball that started off my wonderful first day of spring break? Only because Ebay won't let me sell my kids who were playing with the baseball that started my wonderful day. Is spring break over yet?! Here's the whole story...
Source: eBay bid

The auction is over, but wow what a horribly funny story. The baseball (signed no less) went for $1,125.00. This proves you can sell worthless things on eBay other then seven inch long french fries.

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Yes, but did you notice who bought the ball? Yet another item for their freak side show they are building up.

Have you seen Golden Palace's TV commercials yet? Those guys must have a ton of cash to toss around. Oh, and you have to admit, they get a ton of advertising doing this, though I couldn't tell you where they're located.

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