Movie games don't sell well, analyst called in

"The motion picture industry is still looking for a formula to port its movies to the video game platform. According to a study by market researchers The NPD Group reported in today's (Wednesday) Los Angeles Daily News, The Matrix video game sold about 2 million units. By contrast, sales of the "pure" video game Halo totaled $125 million on the first day it hit the shelves. "It took Spider-Man four days to do that [at the box office]," Keith Boesky, an industry analyst based in Los Angeles, told the Daily News."

That's from an Internet Movie Database story yesterday.

This is funny. They actually need an analyst to figure out why movie games don't sell as well? Here's a small suggestion: make something actually worth playing instead of horribly generic platformers, cookie-cutter action games, and even worse fighting games. Oh, and you might want to undo the damage done from "classic" bad games like Total Recall, Friday the 13th, Universal Solider, etc. Maybe look at everything the Chronicles of Riddick (Xbox) did right and go from there. I mean, I'm no analyst or anything, but it sounds like a good idea.

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