PSP game sales released

Ok people. If someone can give me 10 reasons why Ridge Racer isn't on top of Need For Speed, I'll give you a cookie. Seriously, what is with you people and original titles? "Oh no, Ridge Racer is a new game and not a port? Gasp!" Sure, Need For Speed is a great game, but you can play that at home. Give an original game a chance once in a while, will you? It's nice to see Untold Legends up there; shows you figured something out.

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I want to get Need for Speed too, but I have to agree with you. I am also surprised that Twisted Metal was first. Of course its got the infrastructure mode that MANY games are lacking, so I guess I can see why it is #1. Twisted Metal: Head On is a great game indeed, I just thought Ridge Racer would be at the top, or maybe Wipeout Pure.

It looks like I have six of those 10 titles, does that mean I have a problem :P

Now if Ridge Racer only had Infrastructure Mode...

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