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Yahoo has a nice guide to getting some stuff running on the console. This info has been around for a bit now, but it's nice to have it in one place and it's well written in plain english.

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i nice ahc would be to have a custom backround (home backround ) for the main menu of the psp

and also is there a way to execute a program from the memory stick??

There is a entry in the UI to execute apps from the Memory Stick. When we will see such apps, who knows.


what is the UI and how can i get AIM on my psp

UI = User Interface. If you look under Games, there is a listing for Memory Stick. This is where applications can be executed.

AFAIK the IRC on PSP is fully working, and the same folks are working on AIM on PSP:

IGN's Mailbag section had something on AIM, I would go search there, or better yet, Google.


Hi, I just got a PSP and wanted to know if there is a way to put MSN on lol hehe, and like change the background to a search engine so u can acually go and look through the web >_Hi, I just got a PSP and wanted to know if there is a way to put MSN on lol hehe, and like change the background to a search engine so u can acually go and look through the web >_


The Yahoo link is no more...

billy bob frank mcspanky: says he is working on psp and msn but its gunna b after the aim is done

Once Sony releases their web browser, it probably won't be long before chat programs follow.


can some one tell me how to download games and applications on my psp please

No. Not here. Go somewhere else.


I personally got AIM to work on the PSP on 1.5 and 2.0. I just use

sexy beast:

hi, i know how to get your own background, download eboot, create a folder under psp

boobs your uncle

You could also install the 2.0 software from Sony that is hitting the States August 12.


yea. ok. where is the mail bag section on


Hey guys, Ive read everything on the message boards but im still woundering about AIM. Ive also checked out and nothing really helped, Is there anything enjoyable I can easaly download now!?


I have a question. Im trying to get my wife to let me buy a PSP :(. And Im curious is there a hack or is someone working on a hack that would utilize the USB port on the PSP to use Memory sticks or portable harddrives. I mean think of the possibilities. You can get a 40Gig HD for a $120 bucks and is no bigger than a deck of cards. Please let me know either in this forum or by emailing me.


No there is no such thing (yet). But there will soon be. You guys are lucky because I'm living i Sweden.
And I've got som diffeculties with some downgrades and stuff like that, But got the 2.1 (update game to) work.

So is there any realese of the downgrade/upgrade to psp. Because I'm having the 2.0 veresion and are not happy woth it =/


well so far their are responses on the upgrade/downgradeable firmware, do out before november for those who upgraded and dont like it. i honestly dont like the 2.0 version either but the web browser is amazing i just cant get aim on the 2.0 version except through and seriously thats a pain to do because of the simple fact everyone and their mother uses it and it doesnt log you out so you have to be one of a lucky few to get the priviledge to use it. other than that i love my psp.


aparntly there is going to be a way to use the ipod as a memory stick not bu usb because tht wudnt wrk 4 ipod or psp the only way tht this maybe posableis tht if some1 makes a dunmy memory stickand thn hav a usb port on the back of tht so u can plug in ur ipod. only prob is tht u willhav 2 render ur pon useless because u will have 2 take all the software off it and just use it as a hard disk

That was almost english. And I could almost understand it.


can someone tell me if you can download aim with a usb cord or something please

AIM on the PSP right now is a myth. Check out The site has actually been updated since I last checked, saying as of Sept. 12 that it is at 25% right now. If I were you I would email the developer.


on it lets u get on aim on ur psp but while its signin in it gets stuck at this page sayin- You are #1 to be logged in. Approximate wait time 2 seconds.

hlp? email me at

tyler: doesnt work

Have you ever heard of a pipe dream? That is what AIM on the PSP is.


just go to, you dimwits

william wade:

just loaed internet brouser on the psp got to dose msn, aim and yahoo.


i got aim to work for my psp if it dosent work try some of the links from google. helped me

psp its carpet u can watch outside


i got AIM throught the web browser on the psp, got to in your PSPs web browser


I no how to get MSN on your psp, in your web browser on your PSP enter: works smooth and its great!

Want AIM on your PSP?

Check out!!

It's the ONLY web-based Aol Instant Messenger client that was created specifically for the PlayStation Portable.

You don't have to download or install anything to use AIMOnPSP, just point your PSP's browser to and you'll be on your way to IMing your friends in no time.

And the best part: It's FREE!!

Start using AIM on your PSP today at!

-The AIMOnPSP team

I hate to burst your bubble, but AIMOnPSP is NOT the only web-based AOL Instant Messenger client. There are others that do all three major networks all from one web page. I can't think of the page, but I have been there before.


Can someone tell me how to DOWNLOAD AIM to my psp?? and can someone also tell me where to put the applications.... email ::


what do u mean point ur PSP to the browser


Anyone got 50 cents that I can borrow

Sorry. I had $3.50 but I had to give it to the Loch Ness Monster.

You can't go givin' the god damn Loch Ness Monster 3-fity. It'll be back thinkin' ya got more.

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