PSP movies expected to take off

Movies on the PSP are going to take off; at least that's what Home Media Retailing thinks. I think a majority of owners just doesn't see this happening. There are too many factors against this format.

Most obvious is the price. Looking at "Hitch,"which is mentioned in the article, the DVD is easily found for about $15. How much is the UMD? Just a bit less, about $13 if you look. However, for the most part, it's around the same price and they release on the same day. Why would anyone pay the same price for a featureless disc that's only playable in one machine when for the same price you can nab a feature rich DVD? Those DVDs also have 5.1 audio (and better) and can be played on your TV at home, in a portable DVD player, or in a properly equipped PC or Mac.

The best thing about the UMD format is the picture quality, which is nothing short of amazing on the PSP. That's great, but why are companies cropping these movies to fit on the screen? The included disc that comes with the system is "Spiderman 2," cropped from 2.35:1 widescreen to fit on the screen. There's no reason for that, especially considering the trailers on that same UMD are in their proper ratio. It's funny to get a widescreen on this system and not have the movies use it properly.

Beyond those problems, the next biggest hurdle is the ability to play video on the PSP. With a decent size memory stick, people will simply download (or rip) the DVDs and plop them directly onto their system. If they're getting something free, it's unlikely they'll bother to worry about the slight drop in video quality. Until these discs start retailing for $5, don't expect them to fly off shelves.

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I would pay $10 for a UMD movie. If they were priced at $9.99 i really think they could sell. I am betting they won't lower the price to that though.

I saw the first commercial for a UMD movie today (House of Flying Daggers).

They are going to have to advertise the hell out of these UMD movies, and more then just Sony titles too.

I bought "Kill Bill Vol. 1" on UMD and was happy to see they letterboxed it. Even on the small screen, I want the full picture.

Just for my own curiosity, how much did you pay Terry? I seen it at Best Buy today for $30. The rest were $14.99. Cab't imagine why this one is so much more. Also, does it have a chapter selection screen?


I truely believe that the umd should have the capability to play on a bigger screen. Also they should create a connection where the psp can be played on a bigger screen too. More I think about it I think Sony already thought of that and waiting to release it out to the public so they can make more money off of it.

Most people don't realize the resolution on the PSP is low. The UMD's look great on the PSP's small screen. Blow them up on a 56-inch and you're going to have problems. I believe it's half of what a DVD can do.

The whole point of the PSP is to be portable. The only handheld that offered the ability to play on a TV was the Nomad and it was huge. There's really no point to it, especially if you want your system as slim as the PSP.

If anything, maybe the PS3 will offer some way to play UMD movies. If they expect anyone to purchase a seperate player in order to do so, they're nuts.

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