PSP owners gobble up Memory Sticks

You can still buy a PlayStation Portable if you look in the right places, but good luck snagging a memory card for it.

High-capacity versions of the Memory Stick cards that the new gadget uses to store video, photos and music have been in short supply almost since the handheld game player went on sale. Flash memory specialist SanDisk is scrambling to get more in stores.

Source: C|Net

The fact that PSP owners are causing shortages of Memory Stick Duo cards goes under the "No s#!t sherlock" category. Frankly, its getting pretty damn irritating. Why some enterprising business like EB Games or does not fill the void, is beyond me. Sony itself makes Memory Stick Duo cards for crying out loud. Are they making this shortage on purpose? SanDisk is the other major vendor, and they don't seem to have the stock either. One of these days I will be able to unlock the true potential of my PSP. And no, I do not want a 256 MB card.

You would have thought that Sony would have had stock of Memory Stick Duo cards in reserves. Sony knew using the Memory Stick Duo format would spark the sales and make it a more widely used format. They should have done better. The Memory Stick Duo shortage is one of the bigger black eyes of PSP launch.

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