PSP vs. DS: Tiger Woods

Well, I had half an editorial written on the comparison, but then I seen this and it sums it up. Now, it's not that the PSP is better because the cross-platoform games (Ridge Racer included) are better, this is just a good example of how the PSP can trounce the DS in multiple areas. Everyone needs to remember that the PSP will never have something like Feel the Magic which is where the DS excels. Unfortunately, not many developers seem to be figuring that out.

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I don't know, I think this review is a little bit weird. Obviously the PSP has way better graphics than the DS. So what about gameplay? I haven't played Tiger Woods on either the PSP or the DS, but I would expect the game to play a lot different on the two consoles, given that the DS version uses the touch screen for swinging. However, the review only mentions that in passing, not going into how the game actually plays. I would like to know how (and actually, *if*) the DS's control scheme works. Even the "bottom line" paragraph only mentions the look of the games.

Everyone knows that the DS graphics are shitty compared to the PSP. There's no need to spend 80% of an article pointing this out. If I decide which game to buy, I want to know which one *plays* better.

I would have to agree with you. I wish Matt would have written his editorial (hint, hint) as it would have been better then this Yahoo! article. Neil Davidson doesn't get into game play at all, as you say.

I own Tiger for the PSP, and Matt owns it for the DS. I have only played the DS version for a few minutes, but have logged hours in the PSP version. It is the opposite case for Matt.

I think, like many DS titles, the control scheme for the DS is unique, but ultimately does not work, ending up feeling a little bit off. You have to "rub" back and forth this vertical strip on the right side of the touch screen with the stylus for the power of your shot. Then, you have to follow this curve with the stylus down to the left, and then up for the actual swing of the shot. If you mess that curve up, and not make a strait down-and-up stroke of the stylus, you either pull the ball far left or far right. It is unique, but does not seem like the thing to do for a golf game.

Not that the DS can have a control scheme like the console brethren, but the PSP control is very similar to the console versions, so feels a lot better.

Because of how touchy the PSP's analog stick is, a lot of people have criticized Tiger on the PSP. And it is really touchy if you are not careful. But it is similar to playing Tiger on the PS2 or Xbox. You hold back on the analog stick of the PSP for the back swing and push it forward for the down stroke. For power you repetitively hit the R trigger. The tricky part here, and what I think is intentional, is if you go at a left or right diagonal with the PSP analog analog stick, you can hook or slice the ball left or right.

That said, it is a lot harder to get a good clean hit on the PSP then on the Xbox version of Tiger Woods 2004 (which is really what you should compare Tiger for the PSP with, as the PSP Tiger is mainly Tiger 2004, with a couple 2005 features).

Interestingly enough, I played the PSP version before I played the Xbox version. But now that I have put in a number of hours on the Xbox version, I am a little frustrated at the PSP swinging. Its a little different. But I like the control setup on the PSP a heck of a lot better then the DS's controls.

Another point to be made, and something I believe Matt was going to do is this: had either one of us played Tiger or Ridge Racer on the PSP before we had played it for the DS, it would have been very hard to give the DS versions of these games good marks. Part of this reason would be fueled by graphics, obviously, but would also be because of control schemes and the overall game experience.

Fine Ken, I'll keep writing it. What I don't do for this site...

Anyway, it's absurd to compare gameplay. What you need to remember is that it's not the system we're judging here, but games. That comes down to the programming from each company.

However, on both counts, Ridge Racer and Tiger both suck on the DS. Well, Tiger is playable, but suffers from inadequate swing system that's not accurate enough. Some shots you swear you hit full power only go 30 yeards. You never know what you're going to get (no Forrest Gump inpirsanation intended). The only reason I put so much time into it is because I love this series. It's a sloppy port with a broken difficulty, controls, and glitches all over the place.

You can look on this site for both of my reviews, but looking back, there was no excuse for how bad RR turned out. Considering the PSP version controls just as well with the d-pad as it does with the analog stick, there's no logical reason why the DS version controls so poorly (whether it be with the pad or touch screen). Asphalt Urban GT is much better on the DS and comparing that to RR on the PSP is a bit fairer, but it's still not much competition.

What the DS needs is more stuff like Feel the Magic. That's what the system does well. It's fun, uses the system properly, and it's original. As for ports from the main systems (though RR is a N64 port), it seems like things aren't going well, and that has nothing to do with the graphics.

"Not that the DS can have a control scheme like the console brethren, but the PSP control is very similar to the console versions, so feels a lot better."

I missed this line when I first read your comment. The Game Boy Advance version of '04 uses the control scheme of pushing down then up like the console (with a d-pad). Makes it far too easy, but at least you know how much power you're going to have on the shot and its accurate like that.

DS better than psp:

DS is way better than psp who ever like psp are sad losers who havent got anything better to do

Wow. I mean, just wow. Usually I'll come back with something witty, smart-assed, sarcastic, or intelligent. But to that comment, I mean, wow. I got nothin'. I'm dumbfounded, 100%. If anything I could use this single line for Nintendo fanboys for the next 20 years to prove their stupidity. Wow...

Paolo Mondadori:

WOW. Here too, buddy. i cant believe kids these days are going for innovation with horrible gameplay over eye-boggling graphics and multiple-media stuff!!! Here is what the messge by Matt Paprocki should be:
"PSP is ay better than ds who ever like ds are REALLY sad losers who havent got anything better to do"
There, I have made my point. One more thing: Screens.

2 standard screens, one touch screen (for what reason?)
600,200 colors.
Very low brightness.

1 16:9 widescreen display screen (WWOOWW!!!)
16,770,000 colors. (LOL.)
Blinding brightness!!!

There you have it. I have both systems and I ALMOST NEVER play my DS.

PSP is so freakin' awesome. DS lite will still be dragged and crushed by the PSP.

Yours truly,
Paolo Mondadori

And here I was hoping you were being satirical. How silly of me.

You obviously have the wrong DS games. Both systems, especially right now, should be getting equal time.

Unless of course you're Ken and find Nintendogs enjoyable...

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