Red ink too "stressful" for school kids

So, how long before they blame the "stress" on a video game somehow?

Seriously, this is exactly what's wrong with this country. Sound absurd? It's not. Parents sit around all day not caring that their kids are blowing heads off in "Grand Theft Auto," but when they get a red "F," they take notice and blame it on the color of the ink. I mean, we all know that a purple "F" is so much more appealing. Parents, you have far more important things to worry about. Get over it. If your kid is flunking math, then he or she has far more issues than the color of the ink used to grade him. Idiots.

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Oh my, this is just one of the most absurd things I have heard. Red ink means something in this society, in any number of instances, none more important than grades in school. You need to see your grade in red ink. It carries weight.

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