Taking the weekend off

I do not plan to post much, if anything, this weekend. Sunday is my birthday and I need some time away from work. I am going home to visit friends and family. See you all when I get back.

Hopefully Matt won't break anything.

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look me up when u get to navarre. get some wings and cold beverages at BW's.

Offtopic to the entry but ...

.. I have no Idea what the inspiration for this website was ... I worked a lot with Mac's in the last year and I think there are great things you can do with them but some other things are just totally (!) wrong. 5 Minutes ago a CD got stuck in the iMac G5 I'm writing this from and ... NO, there is NO eject button on the drive. It's not displayed in the finder anymore and the only way to get it out is to restart. This was just a Bug but a broken Drive means a lost CD here ...

I'm now on my 3rd iPod in 6 Month. 1st iPod lastest me 4 month then the Hard Drive broke completly down (I lost important files). Got a replacement one. Same thing happens after 2 month. Have gotten a new one for that last week, but ... the battery is a broken. It lasts for maybe 2-3 hours if you're using it directly after charging but it unloads completly in one day no matter what. Now I have to go out to the Apple Store for the 6-7th time to replace a broken Product I got from there which takes me about 2 hours each time. Oh well ... I could continue here but I'm afraid I could break some apples ...

Don't get me wrong I don't like Microsoft, BUT it does what I want it to do, there is a lot of free software, I KNOW what is send out over my internet connection and what not and I see all my files on my computer (well tinkertools does that for apple, but why do you need a tool for it) AND I got sufficent permissions to edit all of them (ever tried to get into Darwin's C Library?) ...

PS: Are you alread looking forward to Apple's new ground breaking 2 button mouse!!! ...

Felix, you've got the whole weekend to get a head start. Just run. Get into Mexico if you can.

The last time I badmouthed a MAC, Ken beat me down with the evil combination of a chainsaw, a can of Crisco, a Peruvian Fighting Frog, and a Windows 2000 CD. You don't want to know the rest.

Matt your are so funny.

I am sitting at my dad's house. Going to have a home cooked meal tonight!

Anyways, I will recap the original inspiration for this site, since you don't want to look at the first few posts to this blog.

I bought a PC (Alienware) in December of 2002. In January 2003 I started this site to chronicle my Windows exploits. I have been a long time Mac user, since childhood. I bought a PC because I needed a computer for my business and I thought it would do the job. It didn't. In the end I was getting more work done on my slower PowerBook. I have since gotten a Dual 2.5 Ghz G5. I also sold the PC. If you want specific reasons you can check out the post "The experiment has failed" as well as other posts on the subject.

Now the site is a hodgepodge of whatever Matt and I want to write about. It is a blog after all. It focuses on our lives and what we like (and don't like). Therefore, there are a number of video game and software reviews. You can gather the breadth of the site by looking at the category listings. The site has grown and changed a lot in two years time, that is for sure.

Now lets get to your comments. And contrary to what Matt might have told you, I only used a Windows 2000 CD.

Apple will never release a two button mouse. It is a funny joke, and although the rumors are becoming more frequent as of late, I do not see a two button from Apple any time soon, if ever.

About hidden files. OS X has a hidden flag for files just like Windows does. You go into a Windows Control Panel to turn hidden system files on. You can do this in the Terminal of OS X if you wish, you do not need Tinker Tool. Though Tinker Tool (and Cocktail) puts a pretty interface on things. Why does Apple do this? For the same reason they do a lot of things in their OS: They know people do not want to see or mess with any of that stuff. The small percentage of people who want to mess with that type of stuff can still get to it. Its an ingenious philosophy, and one of the reason's Apple products, from their iPod to their computers, are so well loved.

As for your iPod problem, it sounds like you know how to pick lemons! I have owned four different iPods, as has my dad. We have never had issues. None of my friends have had problems with their iPods. Although, as you can see on this blog, there are a heck of a lot of people who have problems, not surpassingly they all seem to be running Windows. The post I refer to is "iPod Troubleshooting & Service." As I suggested in that post, go to the Apple Discussion Forums, or iPodlounge's forums and ask there. I have no clue what is wrong with your iPod, every iPod I have ever seen any of the problems with an iPod like people describe in their comments on this blog.

Maybe you should just get a Mac. Thats just my opinion of course.

Apple took the eject hole (where you could use a straitened paper clip to eject a CD/DVD) out years ago to the dismay of me, and many others. If you look in the Apple Knowledge Base you will find a few solution for the new paper clip hole-less Macs. The easiest thing to do is hold down the mouse button as you restart the Mac. Keep it held down and the eject mechanism should kick in and kick your disc out.

There are so many free software packages out for OS X, I can't imagine you can't find what you are looking for. If you can't find carbon/cocoa apps, you can also got the X11 route, Then you can have pretty much any linux app out there.

I KNOW what is send out over my internet connection

Huh? Same thing that runs over the internet on your PC runs over the internet on my Mac. They are called packets, if you want to get technical about it.

My only question to you is have you ever downloaded the Darwin code? Apple provides a free IDE called Xcode, which you can do C in, as well as Java, etc, etc, etc. But again, the majority of people don't want to mess with that.

Tell me, can you edit the source code of Windows?

And No, Darwin and OS X are not the same thing. Apple sells OS X for $129 (Tiger comes out at the end of the month) for normal people who want to enjoy their Mac and don't have a care in the world about programming.

So if you want to fiddle with your computer all the time, go use your Windows box. If you don't want to mess with things, then you could use a Mac. That is the reason I just gave up on my Windows box. I got tied of messing with it. Even though it was faster then my PowerBook, I was getting much more work done on my slow, old, PowerBook.

So why the long comment? I am sitting here watching a movie.

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