The story behind Tetris

Tetris is a computer game involving a sequence of falling tetromino pieces which the user must first revolve into a desired position and subsequently pack into an increasingly dense rectangular array.

We all knew that right? Well you might not know the history behind Tetris, or know that the Russian developer massacred his wife and son either. Nothing like some video game history and a brutal murder to lighten the spirits.

Yes folks, that link is from So its not for the squeamish. If you do not know what is, well you might not want to go there. You have been warned.

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If you're interested in more on Tetris, check out the book Game Over by David Sheff. It's a history of Nintendo, but there's a long discussion on the game and it's a little less graphic (a lot less, actually). It also goes deep into the lawsuit over the game between Tengen and Nintendo.

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