Video game NARC hits a new low

Seems that these parental groups spend more time playing the games they hate so much instead of parenting. Ironic isn't it? Or maybe they just read the media tells them and makes stuff up as they go along. Yeah, that's it. On another note, it's nice to see they're over the cop and hooker killing in GTA. We all know taking drugs is far worse than killing a cop. Way to go guys, you look even dumber than you did before.

Side note: It's not a first person game as the article states right off the bat, more proof these 'professionals' have no idea what they're talking about.

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I just can't believe you can get high in a video game now. When does it come out? Just kidding.

It's not like NARC is the first game to use drugs either. Syndicate let you do it as early as '93, Postal 2 used them, and I'm sure I'm missing something else.

It's a shame though since the original NARC was all about taking out drug dealers and nothing but. This new one shouldn't even be called NARC.

Philp Brian:

people blow the types of games out of the water. So what if the person takes drugs it is there choice there are consiquencs for doing them if anything it should help kids relize that it is not smart to take drugs. so let them find out through a game and not in real life. That would be the smart thing to do. So before you want to say things bad about things think of what it can do to make kids not want to take drugs be cause they get in trouble. Not to kill people. Let them have the only thing they can live a fantsy in. NO some things are not right i agree but lets just let the kids have a fantsy then tell them they cant do it in real life or u will get in troble. Thats my answer to all this B.S.

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