With vigilantes on their heels, top spammers keep the e-mail flowing

NEW YORK -- Tom Cowles, who heads one of the world's largest bulk e-mail, or spam, businesses, ought to be a happy guy.

By his account, his company makes $12 million a year e-mailing billions of advertisements, mainly to folks who don't want them.

Source: The Detroit News

The reason I am posting this rather old article is because this guy lives here in Bowling Green. I got to talking with JD Pooley about SPAM, and he said he had to go shoot the picture for this article. Its pretty creepy, having a known spammer living in Bowling Green. He must get hell for it, and rightly should.

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That's the funniest article I've read all day. It's like he wants us to feel sorry for him.

"he's gone through "unbelievable hardships" to keep the spam flowing.
"My operating costs have gone up 1,000 percent this year, just so I can figure out how to get around all these filters,"

Boo hoo. Maybe those filters wouldn't be there if you weren't such an... err, nevermind. You can probably finish that yourself.

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