10.3.9 killed my G5

If I could go back to 10.3.8 I would. I did not make a Carbon Copy Cloner image of my 10.3.8 hard drive, drat!

My system is very unstable. The SystemUIServer comes up as being hung right after a reboot most times. I get hung applications for no reason at all. And once I get one, more follow soon after. I have nothing to do but a hard reboot. Running Repair Permissions doesn't seem to help either.

Under 10.3.8 I could run my computer for weeks before I needed to reboot. Now I am rebooting more then once a day because of hung applications.

Funny enough, my friend Chris told me they had to back off 10.3.9 at CTLT because of similar problems. So it doesn't look like this is a isolated case.

I will be doing an Archive & Install of 10.4 soon, but I just do not have time to do that right now.

Very annoyed.

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