27th birthday weekend

Well, its been a week since my birthday. My stuff is still sitting in my living room waiting to be put away, most of it anyway. Maybe I will put it away tomorrow.

I got some great gifts this year: Hoosiers DVD Special Edition, Office Space DVD, The Incredibles DVD, ESPN 25 book. a really nice light orange polo shirt, and a LIVESTRONG band. I am not one for wearing things like this, but I have been wearing it since I got it. And since it is for cancer, its a cause that hits home for me. You should buy one yourself.

Thanks for all the gifts and the great birthday dinner and cake.

Of course the drive home was in the snow. I mean, it was only the end of April! About half way home it stopped, which was nice. The real fun started at about midnight, after about a 3.5 hr. drive from Ravenna, I got pulled over by a cop not 100 yards from the Bowling Green exit on 75.

No, I was not speeding at all. The cop says I was swerving. Yea. Right. He gave me a pat down, eye test, and breathalyzer test. Oh and that piece of plastic I blew on, he opened the door and threw it out on the highway! Thats really eco-friendly. I got a written warning and was on my way in maybe 20 minutes. About 20 yards ahead of me someone else was being patted down. I get the feeling it was quota time for the month of April.

Interesting end to an otherwise great weekend. Now back to work...

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