Disc Golf scramble and the 4B

This past thursday (Cinco de Mayo) the Unigraphics and Production staff, plus me, had a Disc Golf scramble over at Carter Park. The first time I have played this summer. It was a little windy, but then its Bowling Green. It was warm, and that is a rarity here. I mean it was snowing at the end of April after all.

First prize was $10 each, second got $5 each and third got $2 each. Not as many people showed up that said they would (which always seems to happen) so we only had three teams, so everyone would win something.

I was on a great team with Jill and her boyfriend Chris who plays regularly. We were sure we would come in first but we got smoked by Paul's team. They came in 10 under, while we only posted six under. Still that was pretty good. The third team made it back to even for the day. So we got second place. Not bad. I did pretty good for my first 18 holes this summer. I need to go and buy a lighter disc for driving though.

After that we all headed to Docks in Tontogany. Docks is the hole in the wall bar. Really small, even smaller because they were doing construction. The reason to go to Docks is for the 4B, or the four (beer) bean beef burrito. Its the best. That and endless buckets of Corona were a fitting ending to the day.

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