E3 2005: 360 Running at One-Third Power

When asked about this issue our source replied that the current playable 360 games would all have frame rate issues due to the fact that they are running on alpha units... This is because the Alpha units do not run anti-aliasing and simply don't have the power to run a high-res game at full quality.
Source: IGN

Odd that we are not hearing this strait from Microsoft. Seems a little shady. And why would they show off an underpowered system at E3? Or is this just in response to the fact that Sony actually had tech demos and games to show off, and they blew the Xbox 360 out of the water at E3 this year?

Oh and you might notice a certain Apple computer on that page, its the Xbox 360 dev. unit. This is the first time I have actually seen visual proof that it was a G5, although I have heard it for some time now.

Of course if this is true, and they are running older G5 towers for alpha units, it does make sense. But why would the floor units at E3 be G5 towers? They are shipping by Christmas after all. It sounds to me like Microsoft doesn't even have the console finished yet. And they will ship before the PS3?

Oh and has anyone heard about Xbox 360 backwards compatibility yet? I find it a little disconcerting that Microsoft doesn't know yet.

Nevermind, it will be selective. Thats what happens when you go from nVideo to ATI. Selective compatibility is not exactly the best answer, but its better then non at all. I was hoping for full emulation of the nVidia instruction set.

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