E3 2005: A brief overview

E3 is over, and it doesn't seem like gamers gained much from it. Yes, the next generation was unveiled, but keep in mind that was before the show actually started. The mainstream press seemed more content on discussing Microsoft's risky strategy, whether or not Sony's Killzone video was real, and Nintendo's totally under whelming news then on any of the actual games on the show floor.

We do know that Hideo Kojima is working on a new Metal Gear. You could argue he's beginning to do too much, as not only did he let us know about the fourth installment on the PS3, but the PSP sequel to Metal Gear Ac!d and a spin-off of Metal Gear 3 on the PS2. The wacky trailer for the next gen version of the game supposedly contains clues, the most obvious of which is that Snake may not be able to take cover like he used to.

Nintendo showed new footage of the next Zelda title, including putting a playable demo on the show floor. It looks fantastic, and it's likely the last gasp for the struggling (or failed depending on your view) Gamecube. The rest of their revealed lineup reveals either licensed multi-platform titles or Mario games no one really asked for (though Mario Baseball does look like a blast). Nintendogs for the DS is being pushed hard after its success in Japan, though they seem to be ignoring the fact that the PSP even exists.

Katamari Damacy is getting a sequel called We Love Katamari on the PS2. This surprise hit from Namco sold out quickly (and unexpectedly) in the US showing that maybe there is a market for quirky niche titles still out there. The sequel adds in multi-player, which should make the game even more enjoyable than it already is.

Capcom showcased the long time coming Killer 7 to mixed reviews. It undeniably looks amazing, but seems to follow a point-&-click pattern of gameplay unsuited to the FPS. They also showed a new Onimusha title, even after they claimed the series was done after the third installment.

Microsoft had a no-show with Perfect Dark Zero, likely due to internet talk about how poorly it performed during their MTV unveiling of the Xbox 360. Most of the next generation titles they showed looked unfinished and choppy. They claim the console is only running at 1/3 of its full power. However, with a launch just a few months away, how much longer do we have to wait to see finished product?

Tecmo revealed the new Dead or Alive on new hardware. The first Xbox launched with a DOA, so the 360 should too. Though it doesn't seem to have changed much in the gameplay department, there's obviously a focus on background interaction this time out.

The PSP is to be the recipient of a new Grand Theft Auto called Liberty City Stories. Knowing kids can kill hookers on the go should set this one up for countless undeserved attacks from politicians. No other details are known and no screens have bee released.

Those same attackers will fail to recognize The Bible Game, an interactive quiz and collection of mini-games based off a book you may have heard of. You can stay at home on your PS2 or take it with you on the Game Boy Advance. Maybe developer Crave could start a trend.

The worlds biggest publisher tossed out their new sports games to consume, but a little game called Burnout Revenge could attract quite a bit of attention. The sequel to what was, unquestionably, one of the best games of last year, looks to take the same basic concept of tearing up cars just a notch further.

Finally, Sly Cooper is back for his third game for the current generation. Though it looks like the same basic game with new levels, Sly is tossing in a bonus 3-D mode. That doesn't just mean polygons. We're talking about "wear cheap glasses on your head to make things come off the screen" 3-D. This is just a bonus feature; so don't get too excited about the game relying a gimmick. You'll be able to play it just fine without the effect.

In all, over 1,100 games were shown at the event. The only ones people seem to be talking about are those that weren't playable. That says something, either about the industry as a whole and where it's going, or it's simply that the new consoles didn't leave people's minds after the press conferences. Either way, if you're a gamer, you're going to be a poor one.

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"whether or not Sony's Killzone video was real" And is/was it?


No one seems to know. In fact, during G4's coverage, they had two of Sony's main guys on, and both of them gave conflicting reports. One said it was an 'estimate' of the consoles power. The other said it was running off the hardware. Personally, it probably was running off the hardware... as it played a DVD of a CG rendered sequence.

Like everyone else is saying, we hope it's real. Playing a game with that type of graphical quality wouldn't be matched for years, and if it is, how big of a leap could we possibly expect from the next generation?

That said, there seemed to be way too many animation routines in there. It's not so much the graphical leap, but look how not a single animation repeats itself, from the death animations to the guys fighting alongside you. That seems to be the biggest giveaway.


Hmm, I guess time shall tell. If it was real, wouldn't that be sweet? And if not, I'm sure such good grapics would make one go blind, or some such, anyway.

And good-on you for braving the large vapid expanse that is G4.


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