E3 2005: Nintendo Reveals Revolution

Nintendo revealed their hand, oddly, in USA Today, which came out before their pre-E3 press conference. The company is still sticking to their philosophy of games first, whereas Microsoft is touting its next generation Xbox as a media center. The new console looks much like a standard PC DVD or CD-ROM drive and will again be the smallest of the three home consoles vying for dominance. It can be aligned either horizontally or vertically.

The biggest announcement is the ability to download Nintendo classics and previous generation games to play on the Revolution. That gives the console a range of titles from the original Mario Bros. all the way up to Super Mario Sunshine. How these games will be stored is not yet known. Gamers will still be able to play any of their Gamecube games with the original discs. The controllers, the source of speculation, have not yet been revealed.

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