Film short: Broken Review

According to the advertising for Broken, this 15-minute short contains 100 special effects shots in less than 15-minutes. Youll have to take that as truth. Theres no possible way to count them. Why? They're done so well, you cant even tell they're effects in the first place.

Thats probably the best compliment you could give a summer blockbuster. To say that of an $8,000 short, it really hits home. Its main draw is an action sequence, effectively directed, if not a bit generic. Gunfire, a little hand-to-hand combat, and some fantastic gore separate it a little, but its still not unlike action scenes youll see elsewhere.

Then again, thats the point. Whereas Hollywood spends millions, Alex Ferrari proves it can be done cheaply and quickly. The budget hardly seems to constrain the vision at all.

Theres enough material here for a full-length feature, and it really should be. The lead, played by Samantha Polay, is the centerpiece and shes surrounded by an interesting cast of characters. Unfortunately, as this is such a short piece, they never really evolve into anything but a body count. It could use an extra hour to flesh them out.

There are moments where it can be hard to follow. Likely due to the budget, some of the dialogue falls below the level of a whisper, basically becoming inaudible. Still, youll have enough to go on for the eerie final moments, and the last shot is fantastic.

Broken is worth tracking down. If you were unaware of the statistics behind the film, you'll likely fail to grasp why it's special. It doesnt do things different from a basic action thriller; it just does them quicker, cheaper, and with an independent style.

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