Inside the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 features 512MB GDDR3 RAM, eight times as much as its predecessor... Looking further into the guts of the box, the Xbox 360 features a 500MHz graphics chip developed by ATI, the same company that makes graphics hardware for leading PC manufacturers including Apple... Another startling similarity with Apple’s Macintosh systems: At the core of the Xbox 360 is a set of three symmetrical IBM PowerPC processor cores, each running at 3.2GHz.
Source: MacCentral

I know, why is this coming from Macworld? Why are they working with the thin string that Microsoft is using an IBM PowerPC processor?

Well, that might not be a string after all. The Xbox 360 uses three such PowerPC chips. You can't call them G5 chips because this is not an Apple computer. But what the hell, lets just call it a G5. That would be a 3.2 Ghz G5. Now Apple just released a Dual 2.7 Ghz G5.

Interesting, very interesting.

Until I see games that look good on the system (as in not Perfect Dark Zero) I am not going to get excited about this system. The specs look great. The system looks great, although a blatant rip-off of the PS2. I am just not wowed by how the games look, either in video footage or screen shots.

I also expect Sony to trump these specs with the PS3.

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Remember - it's not the specs, it's how you use them.

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