Netscape 8.0 Released

From the do-we-care Dept.

Netscape 8 is out! Not for OS X though. I will have to try it out in Virtual PC. It includes a toggle which allows switching between Mozilla and Microsoft's rendering engines as needed. How exciting and revolutionary!

The funny line of the day goes to a Slashdot post: "They certainly aren't instilling a lot of confidence in their own code base. Netscape 8 switches to IE rendering when visiting"

What is the problem, you might ask, with a browser toggle for rendering engines. It does nothing to help with web standards. If a web page does not behave "correctly," NS 8 will switch to the other rendering engine. Not that I don't like Internet Explorer, because I don't, but my guess is that if a page does not render with the Mozilla engine, NS 8 is going to switch to the Microsoft engine. People should be forced to embrace web standards, not hide behind Internet Explorer "standards."

On the other hand - it is not going to matter. Who is going to download NS 8? Who still uses Netscape? If you do, please raise your hand (and tell me why).

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