PSP, WEP, and Apple's AirPort - Take 2

I originally wrote about connecting your PSP to an AirPort at the end of March. Since them I have received a number of emails from fellow Mac users trying to get their PSP talking to an AirPort.

To clarify, before I start, I am using AirPort Admin Utility 4.1. On the first tab, AirPort, at the bottom you will see a listing for Wireless Security. This needs to be set to either (I think) 40 or 128 bit WEP. You could also set it to 'Not Enabled' but I do not recommend such things. You may want to set it to 'Not Enabled' just to try and connect to your AirPort network with your PSP. This is what I did. Then I set it to '128 bit WEP' and chose a password that works.

AirPort doesn't seem to care how long your wireless password is. But devices that are built with strict guidelines in mind, such as the PSP, do care. I am using a 13 character password for 128 bit WEP. Once I found out the magic number was 13, I have had no problems connecting my PSP to the internet.

Another problem I have seen, and received a few emails about is the '80410d11 connection error' when trying to connect the PSP to the network.

I got this error the first few times I tried to connect. I even called the 800 number on one of those colored slips of paper in the PSP box. Save yourself some time though - they don't seem to know anything. And in classic form, the moment you say 'Apple' or 'AirPort' they glaze over and act like a deer in headlights. I tried twice, and both times the person I talked to was clueless. Even telling me that this is all very new to them and they could not tell me how to fix the problem (getting the 80410d11 error code). I also found out that they had been getting a lot of calls about that same error code. I am so impressed.

I solved the problem by figuring out I needed a 13 character password. But that is by no means the holy grail. I was on campus, in the Student Union (which uses no WEP for their Wi-Fi) and I got that exact same error. Oddly enough I was about to finally connect in the Union to the weakest signal.

I got my AirPort (Express) and PSP working for me. Most setups are not exactly the same, making answering your question impossible. Since the launch of the PSP there are a lot of message boards to help you out. You could also call that PSP help line, but good luck getting anything but a soar ear out of that.

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How do i find out what my wep is?

You should keep passwords like your WEP in a safe place, so you don't need to ask me what your password is.

If you forgot your WEP, you can reset the device, and give it a new password.

There are applications out there that will try and decode 40 bit and 128 bit WEP passwords. I am not about to write about them here.


Couldn't get it working, i tried the 128-bit 13 character password and 40-bit 5 character password. Nothing worked. I have gotten the PSP to work with other access points with WEP that was not an apple product.


I too get this error code, but with my own network at home. I have tried every possible connecton setting and i have a japan 1.51 psp and im in australia. what do i do u reckon?


what connection name do i use?
where do i find my WEP password for my psp?
i am new to this i just got my psp.
please email me ASAP.


i dont really know how to get inet net acseess or play mulyi player with a frien or even go online and play please help me

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