Reason I hate Flash #459

Annoying sound effects. Annoying sound effects that have a ton of base.

Exhibit #1
Be sure to mouse over the car logos, as well as the "collision center" button.

Exhibit #2
They have tamed this down since I bookmarked it. Mouse over "New Vehicle Inventory" or "Used Vehicle Inventory." It also helps to turn your speakers up. Not work safe!

Exhibit #3
Mouse over the "Dick Says" button. Funny I just heard that in exhibit #1. Another annoying aspect of people who use Flash. They all go and grab the same FlashKit sound effect.

Why do people do this? In general, people do not want to hear sounds going off left and right, they surely do not need a stereo base beat for a button either. If you are in an office, or a school, or a library, or sitting at home browsing the web listening to your favorite music in iTunes (totally hypothetical here) wild button noises are the last thing you want to hear. Unless the sound effect has a purpose, it should die.

Sound effects can be used in Flash successfully if they are subtle. Most Flash designers do not know the meaning of the word subtle.

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