Sci-Fi Channel Orginal Review: Descent

It's not as if they're known for originality, but the Sci-Fi Channel films at least try to do something different, even if it rarely works. That's not the case the deplorable Descent, a straight knock-off of 2003's The Core. Though a few discernable differences are here, this is, for the most part, a carbon copy of a film that wasn't even enjoyable to begin with.

The Core took us to the center of our planet to actually shift the Earth's core because it stopped rotating. Descent doesn't take us quite that far down, likely to disguise this somewhat as a direct rip. Here, Luke Perry and his conflicting crew need to move plates that have shifted due to a failed government experiment.

They couldn't even think of an original reason to get them below ground, which probably tells you what you need to know. The movie is filled with characters that have no point or are so horribly clichéd, you could care less what they're doing. Any dialogue is here simply to kill some running time so the special effects team only has to work for half the film. The actors seem to struggle with the scientific terms, making the already ludicrous explanations harder to comprehend.

There's little banter as to how the plan put in place to save us all is actually going to work. They spend all of two minutes planning for it all, and it's amazing how quickly they're provided with two bombs containing "more power than 40 Hiroshima bombs." You can try and figure out how blowing up the Earth's plates is actually going to relieve the pressure the crust is under, but the script isn't going to help.

For a disaster film to succeed, it needs destruction. That's what could have made this one tolerable. Descent has all of two brief scenes, and by brief, that actually means a few seconds. Not a single building collapses (it just sort of loses a small portion of 50th floor) and when a bridge begins shaking, it miserably disintegrates with some of the lowest quality CG ever put on film. The lava flow, which is what the film relies on to create danger, doesn't fare much better.

Never before has putting billions of people in peril been this boring. That must be Descent's claim to fame. There's nothing worth watching here unless you enjoy watching CG lava (which actually looks like radioactive pudding) covering small sections of the Earth.

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