Spurs take Suns in game one thanks to Barry

If you know me at all (and chances are you don't), you would know that I'm not a San Antonio Spurs fan. I am and always will be a Bulls fanatic. However, they don't have Brent Barry. Now, Brent Barry, for whatever reason, is some sort of obsession to me. I saw him play one game at Oregon State, make an absolutely insane pass, and that was it. It was all too reminiscent of Pete Maravich, my all time favorite player.

I've met him once (at a Pistons game) and have, at the least, 6,000 cards. That doesn't include the autographed Oregon State team ball, autographed hat, at least 10 autographed 8 x 10's, custom made figures, bobbleheads, jersey's, and other items I'm probably forgetting right now. Hell, I have cards that simply feature him in the background. Yeah, a little obsessive, most likely unhealthy. Sue me.

Now Barry managed to come off the bench tonight and pour in 21 against my dads team, Phoenix. For whatever reason, Barry is a curse to this team. His point total in game 1 was more than he scored the six games combined in the series against the Sonics. He pulled the same thing against them in the regular season. As the Spurs website put it, the Suns were "Barry'd." Brilliant performance Brent. Keep it going...

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