Uniformed Illinois politicians pass video game bill

It's funny when politicians show their true ignorance. They rant, they rave, yet when it comes to video game violence, they don't have a clue. Illinois passed a bill to restrict the sale of violent video games to minors. That, in and of itself, is nothing new. What is new is the exposure of one politician's pure stupidity and ignorance showing through with one simple quote in this Yahoo article:

"Video games are not art or media... "They are simulations, not all that different from the simulations used by the U.S. military in preparation for war."

That's senator Deanna Demuzio blasting video games. These people are supposed to be intelligent, right? So, Mrs. Demuzio, care to explain to us how exactly the military uses Super Mario Sunshine to train super soldiers? Alternatively, maybe you'd care to enlighten us all on how Resident Evil 4 trained our military to shoot brain-hungry zombies? Maybe there is more going on at Area 51 than we know!

These games she speaks of exist, certainly. Of course, they make up about 2% of the market. They also have a Tom Clancy name attached to the for the most part. Why is she not trying to ban the sale of violent books to kids too?

To dismiss video games and reject them as an art form is as near-sighted as those early moviegoers who failed to recognize film as art. The problem is that people in office have two problems:

1. They don't play video games, nor did they grow up with them. They don't understand them and attack.

2. They see news footage of Grand Theft Auto and immediately believe that all video games are just like that. They do absolutely no research beforehand, and then end up making absurd statements like Mrs. Demuzio up there.

Then you have a new one, another Senator who is voting for this bill not because he actually believes it's right, but because he worries about his votes.

"I'm going to vote for this bill, but I'm voting for it for one reason - because this is a political bill," said Sen. Mike Jacobs. "If I vote against it, it will show up in a campaign mail piece."

Maybe I'm just not politically inclined enough (I know I'm not), but isn't the point of being in office to share your own views to make sure things like this don't happen? If not, are you really doing your job? Bills like this don't need to exist, and the reason they do is nothing more than lack of information, or a plethora of miss-information, nothing more.

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Why is she not trying to ban the sale of violent books to kids too?

Don't give them any more ideas...

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