What is Error -17099 in Entourage?

I am using Office 2004, Mac OS X 10.3.9.  I get the following error when sending an email:

Temporary local problem - please try later

Mail cound not be sent.

Error -17099

Database Utility tells me my database is working correctly. I did a rebuild and recieved a heck of a lot of strange email.  Headers in the body of the email, Emails from different people then stated in the From field, complete garbage, old old emails.  I do not know if this is an issue with my server or Entourage.  First, however, I would like to find out what this error -17099 is about. I get the error after restarting, and rebuilding Entourage.  It is something I have never seen before.

I am able to send using my GMail account, but nothing else in Entourage.

This problem went away a couple days ago and has never come back. Really strange. The microsoft.public.mac.office.entourage newsgroup didn't seem to know either, as I have not yet gotten a reply there.

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Delfin Chavez:

How do I resolve error 17099. Unable to send mail. What to do?


That is a great question. I do not know the answer. I rebuilt my database and that did not help. For me, the problem went away after a day.


I am using Entrouge and trying to send a message to a group (60 indiviudals), and it will not send. The message is less than 50 words, no attachements. What is going on?

Thanks for you help

Restart, rebuild the Entourage database, wait a few days.

It has nothing to do with the size of the email or the number of recipients. I have used Entourage to send mass mailings to thousands and sometimes I get the error when trying to send to 5 people.

I have yet to see this error since I wrote this post *knocks on wood*


hi, helpme please! i have a error with database in 2004, is corrupted and the utility no fix anything, say error -5000 a dont understand


For anyone having this issue, I found something on another site indicating that large files in your Outbox which could not be sent, could be the problem.

In my case, there were 2 that weren't particulary large, but they didn't have complete email addresses - my sloppy work.
As soon as I deleted those 2 items, the problem resolved.


I had a similar problem. To fix the problem I did no more than just correct the misspelling of e-mail addresses (LOL).

Simple enough, isn't it?

Yes what happens if you don't know which one was mispelled?

Franckie DIAGO:

Went for the week-end to a place in Connecticut, and try to hook up wireless service at my friend house.. It didn't worked, and then upon returning to New York I cannot any longer send @mai from my entourage.. i still receive them.. What to do.. I went
to mac , store, and teck serve and they say it is the server , i call Warner cable, and they said it is microsoft.. Please , is anyone able to help.?

Franckie DIAGO:

What is the meaning of error 17092..
SMTP SERVER DOESN'T RECONIZE any of the authentification method supported by entourage.. Try changing the smtp, i did to road runner , but no improvement.. HELP ?

Heidi Aghnami:

I have been getting error 17099 all of the sudden without me doing anything different to my computer!
The error reads 'sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)'
Can any one help?


I had a long day yesterday with the 17099 error code from Entourage. Never seen it before. Found this site just searching and saw John's post on Jan.27, 06. I had tried everything and NO luck.

THEN, I checked the last name added...corrected the spelling and I am in business again.

Thanks John and I anm still.... LOL

massiccio [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I have the same error 17099 but before to write here for help, I tested mail groups, single address, size....this error its happenning only when I send an email to a friend from which I communicate everyday, in fact if I use another email such as Mail.app is working fine...Please if you know what is it, just write it down the solution/...

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