Why garage sales rock

My parents found a garage sale this morning and called me at home. They had a Playstation, 26 games, and some accessories for $40. Once it was confirmed there were no sports games, I told them to go for it and I'd pay them back. They came home with one hell of a great find.

Actually, it started off worse than that. Most of the games were burned. I was pretty ticked. Sure, the box had 2 Guncons, 2 S-video cables, and 4 controllers. Burned games? Nope, I don't do that crap. It's when you get deeper into the box that things pick up.

This is a 0001 model, the first released in the US... and the easiest to mod... but also the worst from a technical standpoint. They overheat and skip like crazy. While I don't support modding for the illegal purposes, when I have a box brimming with imports and a modded Playstation, I get excited.

That's right, almost all imports. Tobal 2 is the first out, the sequel to Square's oddball little fighter that was rejected for a US release. Soul Blade, the precursor to Soul Calibur, with its gorgeous artwork. Floating Runner, an awful, goofy platformer. Tekken 3 and Rage Racer, probably the high points for both series. Street Fighter EX, the first 3-D Street Fighter with cover art well beyond the US release.

And the holy grail of the lot: The Japanese version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It's not just the game. It's the 20-page art book and CD soundtrack for the entire series... and it's all mint. I'm not sure what it's worth and I'm looking into it. It's probably not worth much, but I don't care. The soundtrack alone is worth the $40. I can finally dig into some PS One imports that I've wanted for a while too.

There were a few US games in there too like Dino Crisis and Alundra 2. The burned games are nothing special except for a 2-D platformer Sony rejected just because it was 2-D, Hermie Hopperhead. That's the only one I'm keeping. There was an odd one too, Mega Man X3. I never knew it was on the PS One. I have the SNES version (which is tough to come by) and the only differences are load times and cheesy cinematics.

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