Windows iPod problem fixed

Yesterday I fixed a friend's iPod that would not show in iTunes for Windows. It is a brand new 20 GB model. He had just installed the iPod software update. The iPod would mount in Windows Explorer, just not show up in iTunes.

Fixing the problem just took a reset (hold down Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears) and he was up and running in no time.

So I guess I can deal with Windows related iPod issues. Simple ones anyway.

So the moral of this story is to always reset your iPod if you are having problems. Or if you are like me, and always seem to have problems after an iPod software update - Don't update your iPod's software.

I was recently foolish and installed the updated software on my iPod photo and now I have no end of problems. It is either that, installing 10.3.9, or installing iTunes 4.8, or a combination of the three. Although I have got responses on some message boards that it is 10.3.9. But this is a post for a different day.

I am just glad to see someone enjoying their new iPod.

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You aren't alone in having problems with the latest iPod update. Just check out Apple's discussion site.


Hi. i speak spanish but would try to explain the problem i am having with my new Ipod.
My Ipod used to work perfect with my pc. Sodently the pc stoped recognizing it. I plug it in my usb port, and it starts charging the battery, but doesnt apears connected to the pc..It used to appear on "My Pc" window as an external hardware. It doesnt appear anymore.
The real problem is that i cant just format my Ipod couse i have very important things recorded on it, and I cant loose it.
Does anyone can give me a hand with these?
If you can please e-mail me to y will really apreciate it.
Thank you.

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