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June 1, 2005

"Free" Conker Xbox demo

Only Microsoft would charge you $5 shipping for a promotional demo.

Polarium DS Review

The DS needs more games like Polarium. It's not just completely original, it's only possible on this hardware. It uses both screens effectively and the touch aspects are nearly a requirement. It's also the best puzzle game for the console.

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June 2, 2005

Store Wars

A blatant waste of food? Sure. But hey, it's got a lightsaber fight between a cucumber and a potato. What else do you want?

June 3, 2005

World Tour Soccer PSP Review

Already glutted with sports games, the last thing the PSP needs is another one, especially when it's as under whelming as World Tour Soccer. It doesn't particularly do anything wrong, it just do anything different from soccer games five years ago. It already feels aged, and that's not getting any help from the graphical or audio package, either.

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Where did Ken go?

In case you forgot, this is still my site (Matt is a pretty good fill in, though). I have not gone on vacation. No, I have been working on two projects right now: Photochemical Sciences Outreach and BG News Alumni Society web sites. Then of course there is the usual Student Publications work.

Oh, and I picked up Forza Motorsport for Xbox. I am going to have to stop playing it long enough to write a review.

I will try and post things this weekend, but no promises. Life has gotten too busy to blog lately. And I don't get paid to write.

June 4, 2005

Ape Escape PSP Review

Ape Escape is not what you would think of when it comes to a proper PSP game. When it was released on the PS One back in 1998, it served as both a tech demo and a training piece for the Dual Shock controller. It could not be played unless you paid the cash to purchase the updated version of the standard pad. Missing the second analog stick, this remake seems wasted on the PSP, defeating the purpose of the original game, though still providing some basic platform entertainment.

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June 5, 2005

Airwolf: Season 1 DVD Review

Airwolf is one of those 80's shows that simply wouldn't work today. It has nothing to do with the quality, and everything to do with the way it was filmed. There's no model work, no CG, and everything was done the way it should be: live. That's not to say corners were not cut to save on the budget (said to be around $1 million per episode), it's just refreshing to go back 20 years and see stunts like this pulled off without the assistance of computers.

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June 6, 2005

The Longest Yard (1974) DVD Review

Sports movies are almost a waste of time. Unless they're based off a true story (at least one that deserves to be told), there's little point in making them. The good team wins, the bad team loses, and you follow a basic formula. A little bit of originality is usually enough to get through, and that's something the The Longest Yard has.

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Intel is inside

The rumors are true. Hell has frozen over. Jobs just showed OS 10.4.1 running on an Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.6 Ghz. What we all suspected is true, "Marklar" has indeed been in development for five years now.

I only wonder about porting the software to the Intel architecture. My guess is that Apple has not been happy at all with the PowerPC not being able to hit the 3.0 Ghz threshold, and this is Apple's way of saying the sh** has hit the fan. Lower prices for Apple hardware are soon to come, I would guess. And finally a faster processor in which to run OS X on.

MacCentral is updating their site live from the keynote right now.

Animal Icons: It Came from Japan Review

If there's something the vast majority of Americans don't understand, it's Godzilla. If you're reading this, chances are the usual "It's a guy in a rubber suit knocking down cardboard buildings while people talk via bad dubbing" thought process is going through your mind. Animal Planet knew this, but they also understand there's a very large, dedicated fan base out there, and showcased that perfectly on Animal Icons.

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June 7, 2005

Cinderella Man Review

Imagine "Rocky" if it were true.

Imagine a movie that tugs your heartstrings, inspires you to beat your chest and do your Tarzan yell, brings you to the point of tears and makes two hours and 45 minutes fly by.

"The Cinderella Man" is that movie.

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Varan the Unbelievable DVD Review

Godzilla already had a sequel. Rodan had ripped apart Japan. Toho needed a fresh monster, and with backing from an American TV company, Varan was born. Varan also died quickly and mercifully, making a fleeting appearance in Destroy All Monsters before fading into obscurity. It's not hard to see why.

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Impressive Half Life 2 physics demo

Really amazing stuff, even if you've never played the game. For whatever reason, I couldn't get the video to play (WMV) in Firefox. I had to use IE. It's worth the trouble.

Considering Intel

So in case you were sleeping today, Apple announced that, over the next two years, it will swap the chips inside the Mac.
Source: MacCentral

Since I really do not have the time to elaborate on this subject a lot, I figured I would point you to Rob Griffiths's (who just made Senior Editor, congratulations) column over at Macworld.

He and I talked a bit this afternoon, and we have very similar thoughts.

First off I think everyone who is now holding there breath about Apple just needs to exhale and take a chill. And all those people who just love to say that Apple is going under (for the 9,864th time) - just keep on saying it.

Sure the list of things that Rosetta will not do is substantial, (sorry, I am not going to sugar coat it) but if you are running, today, carbon and cocoa software I think you will be OK in two years or so when you decide to upgrade to an Intel-based Mac.

Being able to run Windows natively, or near native like WINE does it, is very appealing to me. And I bet I am not the only one. If Apple develops a WINE like environment for Windows software, I would not have to reboot to use Windows. Even if I did, it would be so much better then using Virtual PC or Guest PC today.

I don't think the price of Apple hardware will drop drastically. Apple still needs to either make, or partner with a motherboard manufacturer (which could be Intel) so that it can protect is ROM, and 'clone wars' do not erupt again.

Apple has a peticular loathing for cheap PC parts - and who can blame them - so don't think you are going to build your own Mac. What will happen, however, is that Apple now has by default access to a whole slew of better technology: graphics cards, controller cards, hard drives, etc, etc. This is the big win for Apple loyalists.

I can't wait for the Macworld when we can do a Photoshop speed test with OS X and Windows on Intel chips. Will it matter? Not one bit. But we will finally be able to compare Apples to "apples."

Smart Bomb PSP Review

Don't buy this game. Don't even rent it. Run. Run away as fast as you can.

Yes. It sucked. Bad.

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June 8, 2005

EPIC 2015

Not exactly A Tale of Two Cities, but close. How close are we to this? If so, scary stuff. A very slick SWF.

WWE Wrestlemania 21 DVD Review

If WWE DVD's are anything, they're consistent. Not in the realm of special features mind you, but in video and audio quality, with the video seemingly ignored every time. Wrestlemania is usually the only big PPV DVD set of year, and they usually go all out. While not entirely the case this year, the inclusion of one feature is worth the asking price, especially considering they charged you separately for it last year.

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June 10, 2005

Twisted Metal Head-On PSP Review

Twisted Metal has become a mainstay of the industry since launching in November of 1995. The series lost its original developer after the first sequel, and things quickly spiraled downward until Incog (War of the Monsters, Downhill Domination) stepped up for Twisted Metal Black. Online play was the best thing that could have happened to the series, and that stays true for the PSP version. It's the single player experience that has been completely ignored.

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Jade Empire Xbox Review

In just a few short years, Bioware made a name for themselves simply for producing a critically acclaimed Star Wars game that was far better than anything to come out of Lucasarts in years. Ditching the license, Bioware has crafted Jade Empire, an involving character building action-RPG that may not be as deep as their previous efforts, but it's far more accessible, and arguably, more fun. It's also too easy (and occasionally frustrating for reasons other than difficulty), and you can breeze through it on anything other than the hardest setting.

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Supreme Court rebuffs Lexmark in toner cartridge fight

I posted about this back in February.

Lexmark had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review its DMCA claim after being rebuffed by lower courts, but the high court rejected the claim without comment because it was filed late, according to Lexmark. The decision means the high court will now not hear the case anytime soon.
Source: MacCentral

It serves them right. The way they make their printers, as well as the Dell branded printers, all but impossible to replace the ink on unless you buy Lexmark ink/buy a new printer is just absurd. That and the DMCA needs to die. Companies like Lexmark try to use it as a crutch.

I can't stand Lexmark printers. None I have had the displeasure to use have printed anything worthwhile.

ATV Blazin' Trails PSP Review

The ATV racer is a new genre, seemingly spawned one day and then overcrowded the next. Sony's own ATV series made a name because of its online play on the Playstation 2, and the developers were wise to incorporate that into the PSP version. Unfortunately, that's one of the few reasons to bother with Blazin' Trails, which has little to offer outside of that, and there's sure to be a flood of these games soon anyway.

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June 11, 2005

Mac OS X 10.4.2 and Dashboard improvements

Mac OS X 10.4.2 will include several enhancements that will make Dashboard widget management simpler and safer, according to Mac rumor site AppleInsider.

“The forthcoming Mac OS X 10.4.2 Update will let users delete widgets from the Dashboard dock by hovering over the widget’s name and selecting a small deletion icon. Upon selecting the icon - a red circular image with a dash through it - a confirmation dialog will appear, asking the user to confirm that they want to move that widget to the trash.”

Source: AppleInsider

Widget Manager

Widget Manager is a Preference Pane for OSX 10.4 that allows you to inspect, remove, and disable Dashboard Widgets. Widget Manager is a convenient way to manage all the Widgets on your system, including the standard Apple Widgets. Since it handles removing the .wdgt file as well as restarting Dashboard, Widget Manager eliminates Dashboard display issues when you remove a Widget by hand, and is also a great defense against potentially harmful Widgets.
This is a handy, free, preference pane. When you manually manage your Widgets folder you have to restart the Dock to see your results immediately. Widget Manager not only takes care of restarting the Dock, but also lets you disable Widgets, like that analog World Clock that Apple provides - I never use that one.

Everything Bad is Good for You Review

The mainstream media takes a shot at pop culture every chance it gets. Politicians join crusades to ban video games. Reality TV is brain-dead entertainment. Steven Johnson says it all makes us smarter, a gutsy cry for people to use common sense when dealing with these things, and he pulls it off.

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Need for Speed Underground 2 DS Review

Racing games always need a hook, something special or different to actually make them worth playing. Need for Speed Underground found it's niche by keeping the racing accessible, but allowing deep customization before heading out onto the streets. It's a strange mix that doesn't seem to mesh very well and with the ridiculous DS-exclusive mini-games, it only gets worse.

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June 12, 2005

Best video game ad site found yet

Full credit goes to Lord Contaminous from Digital Press for this find. He's got ads from EVERYWHERE.

New computers for Student Publications

Every couple years the University's IT department (ITS) has a Desktop Replacement Program. We give up old computers and get new ones. Its a sweet deal. As we put a little more then $10,000 into new computers two years ago, its nice to get seven brand new iMac G5s and not have to pay for them. This is the second time we have received new, free computers.

We recieved three free computers in the ITS Replacement Program in July of 2004. At that time my boss only thought we would get one. I asked for three, and got them. Yep, I was happy.

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KnightCite 2.0 Beta Released

In February The BG News picked up a wire story about KnightCite, and I found it to be such a great site I had to post it here.

The author just sent me an email which outlines some new, great, features.

From the email:

My name is Juice Searls, and I'm the developer of KnightCite. I had noticed you picked up the KRT wire story for use in BG's newspaper along with a link from your homepage and wanted to thank you for that by giving you the exclusive first look at KnightCite's first major upgrade.

I really do mean exclusive. Normally I'd start getting the word out about this project through my school's PR department, but because we want off campus users to be the ones to really start testing it over the summer, I decided to contact someone on the outside to make the announcement. The site just went live onto our production server about an hour ago, at 4pm EST.

Here's what you can do in the new version:

-Create a user account
-Save virtual papers and citations
-Fully featured with Organize/Manage/Edit/Delete functions
-The ability to export entire bibliographies into *.rtf and *.doc files already formatted and ready to print (e.g. already bolded, underlined, italicized, and with the hanging indent in there).

KnightCite has generated nearly a quarter of a million citations to date and with this project we're hoping to open the floodgates and win some converts from the professional crowd who use procite/endnote. I'm also beginning planning for KnightCite's next upgrade, which will work to create a single streamlined database of every useful citation created by its users and fully accessible to everyone through a unique approach to search.

And in one note that I hope you will appreciate, this project is what converted me to the Macintosh. I got started on it last summer and realized that I was getting a lot more done in a smaller amount of time when I was working on my studio's Mac as opposed to its PC. I picked up an iBook and a copy of BBEdit and I'm proud to say that the entire project was coded on a Mac and primarily tested in Safari.

Saving Word and RTF files is just amazing. A lot of hard work and programming has gone into this wonderful site. The iBook story is just icing on the cake.

Thank you so much "Juice" for helping so many people out of migraine headaches. I wish I had such a tool earlier. I have had a couple papers to write for school, and I now use and recommend this tool all the time.

Be sure to register at the KnightCite site to be able to check out these new features.

The Art of Game Characters Book Review

Game characters are probably under-valued due to the glut of character-based platformers in the 16-bit era. Remember Rocky Rodent? There's a reason you don't. Now we have fully realized 3-D worlds and of course, characters need to populate them. The Art of Game Characters tries to make sense of it all, explaining the basic process, interviewing those who have created them, and showcasing both rendered and hand drawn art to show off the process.

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ECW: A personal rememberance

ECW was special. People can cheer the Rock all they want, but ECW was a lineup of the craziest, most dedicated wresters in the world. These guys (and women) performed solely because they loved what they did. This Sunday, Vince McMahon is taking the reigns for a one night reunion, letting his now grown superstars go back in time, yet it won't be the same. The home grown, low budget production values will be eclipsed, and the personal experiences simply can't be duplicated.

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Dog kills child, stupid parent should be blamed

Here's the gist of this story in case you're too lazy to click on it. Basically, this family owned two pit bulls, a male and a female. The male was agitated and in heat. The woman was scared that the pit bull might harm her son while she went to perform errands. What's this genius do? She locks the 12-year old in the basement, also putting a shovel on the door to keep him in there. So, the kid gets out and pit bull mauls and kills him.

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Widget Manager warning

I just posted about Widget Manager, which is great for managing Widgets.

One word of warning. Do not disable the Apple supplied widgets. If you restart your computer, they reapear. so now you have a duplicate. One disabled and one not. Deleting the wrong version will render that Widget unusable. Using Widget Manager to fix this problem does not fix the problem, and also renders that Widget unusable as well.

If you did this, here is what to do. In this example we will use "World Clock.wdgt"

1. Delete World Clock.wdgt
2. Rename World Clock.wdgt.disabled to World Clock.wdgt
3. Restart the Dock

Into the West on TNT

Did you see Into the West this weekend on TNT? Yea, neither did I. I am boycotting it. Matt and I implore you to do the same.

Since TNT has been running both the marquee overlays during the NBA Finals games, and long commercials for Into the West and Closer, I am fed up, and refuse to watch.

Its such a shame that Game 2 of the NBA Finals was on ABC tonight when Into the West was on TNT. Darn.

Let me tell you how nice it was to watch Game 2 without the annoying-as-hell TNT marketing tactics.

June 13, 2005

BG News Dashboard Widget

Dashboard Widgets in Tiger are really easy to create. Especially when there are so many examples (400+ according to Steve Jobs) you can take apart. If you install the Tiger Developer Tools, you get a blank Widget, as well as a folder full of examples.

Making an RSS reading Widget is pretty simple. Just rip apart another RSS widget. I will make one for Breaking Windows soon enough. First here is one for The BG News. I will post it on bgnews.com soon enough.

BG News.wdgt.zip

June 14, 2005

Free Computer Games Magazine, 1 year

Use a spam e-mail address. They require you to check the box to recieve promotional material.

Blogcritics Pick o' the week

That's right, yours truly had a review picked as one of the best of the Blogcritics video lot this week. If you just want to read the the award winning review that all of three people probably read, you can do that here.

June 15, 2005

Democracy a 'bad word'

SHANGHAI, China (AP) -- Chinese bloggers, even on foreign-sponsored sites, better chose their words carefully -- the censors are watching.

Users of the MSN Spaces section of Microsoft Corp.'s new China-based Web portal get a scolding message each time they input words deemed taboo by the communist authorities -- such as democracy, freedom and human rights.

"Prohibited language in text, please delete," the message says.

Source: CNN

Aren't you glad you live in (insert country here) where you can voice your own opinion?

June 16, 2005

Just back from Batman Begins

Worth the price of a ticket? Yes
Going to see it a second time? Yes

I need to get some sleep. But Batman Begins was absolutely amazing. The best movie I have seen in months. I have a review 3/4 written (in analog form no less). I will post it tomorrow once I have polished it a bit.

I was surprised how good a Batman movie could really be. Batman Begins surpasses even Tim Burton's 1989 Batman.

Go see this movie.

Nintendo needs HDTV; they just don't know it

Of the few details leaked about the Nintendo Revolution, one of them seems to drawing harsh, strong, and brutal criticism: The lack of Hi-definition TV support. Some of you are thinking it doesn't matter. It does, and more so than you would think.

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June 17, 2005

Gretzky NHL PSP Review

Much like Sony's other sports franchises, the NHL Face-Off series got off to a great start, wowing gamers with unmatched graphical quality and a new gameplay experience. Also just the other games, the series quickly disintegrated in the shadow of increasing competition. Resurrected as Gretzky NHL, this PSP entry has everything right, except for a tolerable frame rate.

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Capcom Fighting Evolution PS2 review

False advertising laws prevent companies from stating something that is a blatant lie while trying to sell you something. It's an excellent law, one that needs to be in place. Somehow, Capcom has managed to find a way around this. Capcom Fighting Evolution is the furthest thing from an evolution you'll ever see in the video game world. It's actually a product that de-evolves all the right moves they made with Capcom vs. SNK 2.

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June 18, 2005

The ultimate defense

Dan Nied wonders if Michael Jackson walked away from court a free man simply because he is Michael Jackson.

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Hootie returns for new album

I hate music. I always have. I never owned a stand-alone CD player. I haven't owned a tape player since I was ten. I have zero use for an I-Pod or other assorted MP3 player. I own about 20 CDs at the most, split across video game soundtracks, Godzilla soundtracks, Weird Al and... Hootie. And movie soundtracks... with Hootie on them. Bootlegs... with Hootie on them. Singles... with Hootie on them. Imports... with Hootie on them. DVDs... with Hootie on them.

Now Hootie is back again, and their new single off their first non-studio album seems to be getting more airplay than ANY of the songs on their previous few albums (which is partially a crime). I don't know what it is about Hootie and his oddball band of Blowfish, but they're the only band I've ever enjoyed just listening too.

They're new single, One Love, confirms they still have it, and I've only heard half of it. The brief teaser clip on their site is really starting to tick me off. It's not fair. August 9th is the day, and I'll be outside Best Buy before they open (though some local smaller shops put it out earlier...). You should be too (or in Ken's case, be online at some MP3 site with one of his 29,000,549,068 music gadgets ready to download).

Jagged Little Pill Acoustic Review

I am not ashamed to say that "Jagged Little Pill" was one of my favorite albums of my teen years. It was that time when I was really starting to discover music. I listened to a lot of different music back then. My musical tastes had a broader scope at that time. But more then anything, I still love the music of those years of my life.

This acoustic album is much better then what was planned - a re-mastering of the original 1995 "Jagged Little Pill." On first thought, this acoustic album seems like MTV Unplugged, rehashed. After listening through the entire album a couple times, this is much more then "Unplugged," and it is anything but rehashed. You sing along to every song on "Acoustic" and you do a double take. Did she change the lyrics? Are you serious? Morissette actually put effort into this album? Indeed she did. In a time when artists are becoming lax with their music - with "Best Of" albums that are merely re-mastered - Morissette delivers a new "Jagged Little Pill" that seems to have even more kinetic energy then the original some 10 years ago.

Sci-Fi Channel Original Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy Review

At the very least, this is a movie involving a shark, and it's not a Great White. Then again, it's not exactly a Hammerhead either. This is a stem cell born beastie with the features of a Hammerhead and a human. It seems that DNA experiments gone wrong aren't "in" anymore; it's time to enter the era of stem cell experiments gone wrong.

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June 20, 2005

FIFA Soccer PSP Review

Much like NBA Live did for basketball, EA's FIFA changed the way we played soccer games back in 1993. It was a radical departure from the arcade-style experiences that preceded it. While some of those roots still haunt the series, the latest editions have made some impressive strides towards realism. The PSP port keeps everything, whether it's for better or worse.

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Senator doesn't want 25 to Life on shelves

Ah, the genius of politicians. This New York senator feels the upcoming 25 to Life is the worst video game, morally wise, ever released because you can shoot cops, take human hostages, and shoot gang members. What this guy fails to realize is that you can play either a cop or drug dealer (player's choice), multiple games (dating back to the NES era) featured human hostages, and GTA lets you do far worse. He also probably didn't epect the game to jump over 400% in Amazon in Amazon's movers and shakers (as found by a cheapassgamer member) after his statement. Yes, you just made every kid in America want it even more, not the game maker. Brilliant.

I'm moving to Antartica

There can't be stupid people there, right? What? There are no people? Even better.

These parents complained that a team in their league was "too good." You know what? Deal with it. Teach your kids about being a good loser, teach your kids about sportsmanship. Teach your kids, for gods sake, that it's SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. *Sigh*

June 21, 2005

Shining Tears PS2 Review

Call it what you want, but Shining Tears is gorgeous. It's a flawless example of how beautiful 2-D graphics can be on such powerful hardware, and it doesn't look outdated in the least. While it may look like something fans of the series would find enjoyable, the gameplay is a complete turn around, and that takes the game in a direction that may not be what you're looking for.

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Yahoo gets agressive against eBay

This is some big news for online auction sellers:

06/06/05 Changes to Yahoo! Auctions: Yahoo! Auctions has changed its pricing to create a model that is free for all consumers listing items on our Auctions platform. We have eliminated all fees associated with Auctions listings, including listing fees and final value fees.
That's right, it's all free now, as of the 6th of June. After eBay alienated countless members after another fee hike earlier in the year, this could be a huge blow to them. While my mom has listed things there that did not sell, once more people discover the lack of charges, that may draw the needed traffic to move merchandise. It's at least worth a look considering you don't need to pay anything.

Coach Carter DVD Review

Back in 1986, Hoosiers became the sole basketball film that every fan needs to see at least once. Everything after it seems so unnecessary. That's also the case of Coach Carter. It's hard not to like it admittedly, it's just no different then the list of movies that Coach Carter lands on which try to feed off everything Hoosiers did right.

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Sinatra: The Life Book Review

There is no entertainer whose career spanned the 20th century and who can elicit so many different feelings than Frank Sinatra.

His first recording came 60 years before his last, Duets, in the late 1990s.

He saw Las Vegas through its infancy as a party town, and came back when odds were stacked against him (no voice, no job, and a wife who got more attention than he did).

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Batman vs. Mario: Mullets and School Violence

So I was wondering just where exactly that $100 million in marketing went for "Batman Begins"... I mean, sure I keep seeing ads for it on the internet, but not in any volume that seems to outweigh other films and click-here-now enterprises... then I learned about a
Batman-sponsored NASCAR race

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June 22, 2005

Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit over iTunes

Contois Music Technology last week asked a Federal Court to stop the iPod maker from distributing its iTunes jukebox software and is seeking damages over an alleged patent violation by the iTunes software.

The suit, filed on June 13th in Vermont District Court, alleges that Apple's iTunes software design infringes on Contois' six-year old design patent (US Patent No. 5,864,868) entitled "Computer Control System and User Interface for Media Playing Devices."
Source: Apple Insider

The mock-up that Apple Insider posted is very similar to what iTunes looks like. It seems like a genuine case of patent infringement. I cannot remember, nor can I find screenshots of SoundJam MP - the predecessor to iTunes - to see if it had a three column layout for displaying genre -> artist -> album.

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Clutch plays lift Pistons into Game 7

With two such evenly-matched teams playing at such a high-level, anything but an all-or-nothing Game 7 would have been profoundly disappointing.
Source: FOX Sports

And you all thought that Detroit would crumble in Game 6. Too bad. Unfortunately this did not become a series until Game 5, as the first four games were huge blow outs, but Games 5 and 6 have been really great basketball. With the first Game 7 in NBA Finals history in 11 years, this is sure to be an electric final game between two very physical teams.

I just have two words to say:

Go Pistons!

Nancy Grace on video game violence

It's amazing that some people have jobs. Not just normal jobs, high profile jobs that can impact this country in a negative manner, and they have all the power in the world to do so, regardless of whether or not they're honest about it. Nancy Grace is one of those people.

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June 23, 2005

Delicious Library Dashboard Widget: Cache problem

When I upgraded to Tiger, which I am still transitioning to, I did not upgrade my current drive. My install of 10.3.9 was FUBAR, to put it mildly. I installed Tiger on one of my Firewire hard drives, and used that handy Migration Assistant utility to bring all my apps, docs, and prefs to the new clean Tiger install.

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Indian cracks Microsoft's anti-piracy program

An Indian researcher has breached the much-touted "impenetrable" Windows Genuine Advantage of Microsoft.

Bangalore-based Debasis Mohanty has cracked WGA through an "easy-to-exploit" weakness in the software for generating illegal copies of the Windows XP programme.

Microsoft confirmed the claims of Mohanty, but sought to downplay it saying, "It represents very little threat."

Source: rediff.com

Utah Scout feeling 'good' after ordeal

BOUNTIFUL, Utah (CNN) -- The 11-year-old Utah boy rescued after being lost for four days in rugged terrain summed up his condition in one word Wednesday: "Good."
Source: CNN.com

It is always nice to hear a good ending to a missing persons story. It unfortunately does not usually happen like this. The BSA now have a great feel good story (to exploit). I was so happy to read that he was found. Of course I am more sensitive because I am a Boy Scout and was a Cub Scout.

Video game addict test

I'm 69%. There were a few I was borderline on, so it's probably worse. Oh well.

"Video games are a big portion of your life, maybe too big of a portion. They are not a means of social interaction, despite what you might think. Go outside."

June 24, 2005


The San Antonio Spurs are the 2005 NBA Champions.

To quote Bill Walton:

"The Spurs would not have won this series if it wasn't for Brent Barry..." He may have mentioned Duncan and Horry, but Brent has his ring and that's all that matters.

Macworld reviews Adobe CS2

Macworld recently reviewed Adobe Photoshop (Adobe talks), Illustrator (Adobe talks), InDesign (Adobe talks), and GoLive (Adobe talks), all part of the CS2 suite. Macworld has also posted an "Adobe talks" series that goes further into the new Creative Suite, this series has a good bit of information.

Today they added a review of Adobe Bridge and a piece on Bridge and VersionCue.

Interview: 1080up.org's Jeff Rivera

Jeff Rivera is a representative of 1080up.org. They are an organization dedicated to ensuring the Revolution will support High-definition televisions. In an interview, Perrin Kaplan, a representative from Nintendo, stated the console will not include the support. That sent video game message boards into a frenzy with countless debates on both sides, but Jeff is here to clear things up.

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June 25, 2005

Microsoft virtually supports Linux

Microsoft plans to support Linux for the first time with the delivery of Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 this year, indicating the company's commitment to interoperability, according to chief executive officer, Steve Ballmer.

"As much as that hurts my eyes, I know that is an important capability for the Virtual Server technology for our customers," said Ballmer as the company demonstrated Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on Virtual Server during his speech at the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas.

Source: Network Times

I never thought I would see this come to pass. Especially knowing what Microsoft's stance on Linux has been in the past.

PC makers, distributors pass on Windows XP N

PARIS, France (AP) -- PC makers and distributors are holding back from buying the new alternative version of Windows XP that Europe's competition commissioner ordered Microsoft Corp. to offer as part of the punishment in the software maker's long antitrust battle with the European Union.
Source: CNN

Yea. "Windows XP Pro N" sounds so much better then "Windows Reduced Media Edition." With "Windows XP N" costing the exact same, add to the fact that the buyers are going to (have to) download Windows Media Player anyways, I do not see the point.

Its great the the EU has bigger balls then the DOJ, and was able to actually get Microsoft to change part of their OS, but come on. Taking Windows Media Player out of Windows breaks more things then it "fixes."

If I were upgrading to XP, why would I want a copy that made me download multimedia software to make things work correctly. Lets face it. Windows Media is the standard on Windows. Lets just call it the QuickTime of Windows, because that is what it is.

I can see why PC vendors big and small are not selling and pre-installing Windows XP N.

Stupid. Just plain stupid.

Switching to Mac Easier Than You Think

With Longhorn still at least 18 months -- if not longer -- away from a final release, I decided now was as good a time as ever to try out the Mac OS X operating system.
Source: BetaNews

Another defector to the Apple camp. I love reading these stories. Its all about one thing: frustration.

New Dunham Hiking Boots

L.L. Bean no longer carry my favorite boots. The boots I have been buying since 1999. Not only do they no longer carry the boots I like so much, they have stopped carrying size 14 all together. Thanks L.L. Bean. I guess it could not last for ever.

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Review: Virtual PC 7

I have had it with Virtual PC 7
I have been meaning to review Virtual PC 7 for some time now. So I guess you could call this a review of the latest and greatest version of Virtual PC. I must admit up front though, it is by someone who is very pissed off about wasting so much time and money on a promise.

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This weeks Sci-Fi Channel review

Some of you probably know I watch all the Sci-Fi Channel flicks each week (or whenever a new one airs) and review them. This weeks though, I just can't. I can truly say that this is possibly the worst thing I've ever viewed. I've been to Raptor Island, I know the Curse of the Komodo, I know about the Hammerhead, I've seen the Snake King, but Tornado: Nature Unleashed is as far as I go without stiff compensation.

I've seen some true sh*t in my day, but I can't take this anymore. An hour of my life is forever gone. I'm sorry if you're looking forward to experiencing my pain, but it just ain't gonna happen this week.

June 26, 2005

Man eats wife's face while kids watch

Holy crap. This is a sick one. Karma came back to nail him though. Check out the last paragraph. Darwin award candidate maybe?

*Note: Really graphic description in article.

IE7 and RSS in action

Take a look at this picture, snapped at this year's Gnomedex conference. Is it just me, or does that look vaguely familiar to how Safari handles RSS in Tiger? I guess we will have to wait for Longhorn to ship to see how close it really is.

Am I surprised? Not at all.

Subscribing to an RSS feed from within Internet Explorer 7.0 will be similar to adding a Web site to "Favorites." An icon placed in a toolbar will illuminate when feeds have been updated with new content.
Source: BetaNews

Subscribing to RSS in IE7 even sounds like Safari. I wonder where they got the idea? It is nice to see that Microsoft is going to embed RSS into IE7 and Windows, but they could have at least been original about it.

And is it just me, or does IE7 look like Safari for Windows? Here are some more pics. Look at the IE7 window.

Reader response: PSP & AirPort help

Hi there Ken,

Just thought I'd drop you an e-mail to say thanks for your 'Airport Knowhow'.

I just got my PSP today and you guessed it, I ran into connection problems.... Anyway after reading your page on what to do..... Bingo! There it is !! PSP online and doing its thing!!

Thanks very much for your help.

All the Best,

Will Adams.

P.S. Nice to know here are some trusty Mac users out there that have the same pass-times as myself!.... Cheers again..... W.

I am glad to help. It is the main reason I put this site online.

June 27, 2005

Jeremy Roenick rips NHL fans

Yes, you're spoiled. No, we're not jealous. We're pissed because you think you're not spoiled. Really, we feel terrible for you that your $7 million paycheck is on hold. I'm sure the $70 million in your bank account is tough to live with. Idiot.

King Kong trailer premiere

Holy. Freakin'. Hell.

With the exception of looking too digital at times (look at the beach seqeunce), this trailer is better then the whole of the '76 remake. If that link goes bad, Kong is King should have it archived.

June 28, 2005

ECW One Night Stand DVD Review

It's hard to think of a wrestling fan that didn't enjoy ECW. They offered everything a wrestling federation should, including the most interactive live experience you could ever ask for. That's why those ECW chants still kick up during WWE events. Obviously, Vince McMahon was listening, and brought a decent sized roster back for one night of pure nostalgic bliss.

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June 29, 2005

Pac Pix DS Review

Obviously struggling to come up with new concepts from one of their most endearing characters, Namco has slapped Pac-Man into Pac Pix. It's one of those games that would only work on the DS; that's a curse and a highlight. It's too focused on the concept, and not on actual entertainment.

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Yoshi's Touch & Go DS Review

It's wonderful to revisit gaming worlds we have been to before. It's even better to go back in a new way. That's of course assuming the new way still keeps all the basics of the original. Yoshi's Touch & Go takes us to the vastly under appreciated world of Yoshi's Island, but there are too many obvious and critical flaws for it to even have a chance.

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Hardcore Gamer Mag free subscription

After seeing the first issue, I subscribed. It's made by one of the former Game Fan guys. Fantastic layout, especially for a first issue. You can get a free sub here by filling out a quick survey, but if you sign up and pay for a sub, you'll get an extra issue free. They're worth paying for.

Six Degrees of Webcomics

I can't pass up an opportunity to plug my favourite webcomics, and Drew from Columbus mentioned how Slate did an article on how great his comic is. I could not agree more.

The tie here to other of my favourite comics is...

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June 30, 2005

Which came first: the color orange or the fruit?

This was rather humorous. I am sitting here at the Union with my friend Stephany and this communications student comes up and asks us a survey question.?

"What do you thing came first, the color orange or the fruit?"

We both think it is the fruit, and then the color orange came from the fruit, but that is beside the point right now.

Not two minutes later, another student came up to ask a question. I though it would just be a diferent survey question. Nope, exact same question. And we looked around, the Union is swarming with communications students asking people eating their lunch about oranges and the color orange.

I love being a test subject.

Katamari Damacy PS2 review

It's so rare for a game to just sneak out anymore. The internet made sure that was all but impossible. That's part of the reason Katamari Damacy is such a joy. It may not be perfect, but it's so simple, enjoyable, and strange, you can't help yourself. It's title you would never expect to see here in the US, let alone be succesful.

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