Batman vs. Mario: Mullets and School Violence

So I was wondering just where exactly that $100 million in marketing went for "Batman Begins"... I mean, sure I keep seeing ads for it on the internet, but not in any volume that seems to outweigh other films and click-here-now enterprises... then I learned about a
Batman-sponsored NASCAR race

The "Batman Begins 400" Sunday, won by some fellow named Biffle, is I suppose the best way to mass-market a commodity these days. Had an appearance by the Batmobile, some Batman-themed paint jobs and everything. I imagine Batgirl waved the checkered flag... or maybe Robin in cutoffs.
As far as marketing, the first two Batmen had those plastic soft drink cups, and I remember nice glass mugs for "Batman Forever"... I stopped paying attention by the time "Batman and Robin" came out, though I'm pretty sure it was all BatPasties and BatCodPieces and BatBotox by then. But now... now I just cannot help but picture Bruce Wayne with a mullet, sitting in his Batrailor, loosening his utility belt a few notches as he cracks open another Bat Brew.

Yes NASCAR Batman, the only superhero who can belch his own theme song.

Thinking about old video games too... I played the original Mario all weekend (and only got to frigging level 7), then heard something on the radio about the old video game violence schtick. It did make me think of how violently mad they can make me... I mean, Mario is frigging tough, I had to keep stabbing the reset key as I fell off the midair platform or slipped into the burning lava for the hundredth time. Or just nudged a single pixel of some frigging Goomba...

But they brought up the Columbine shooting and I just had to snicker a little, deep inside, as I pictured to myself how it would have been had they laid waste to their school 20 years ago:

8-bit Graphic Violence Blamed for High School Stomping Spree

Two students were arrested today after they held their school hostage for three hours, stomping on classmates, bashing masonry and eating mushrooms they found scattered around the building.

The students, dressed in red and green caps and coveralls, are members of the so-called Plumber Mafia. Classmates described them as antisocial, locked in their rooms all day listening to digitalized versions of bands like Nine-Inch Nails and the Cure...

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