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Dashboard Widgets in Tiger are really easy to create. Especially when there are so many examples (400+ according to Steve Jobs) you can take apart. If you install the Tiger Developer Tools, you get a blank Widget, as well as a folder full of examples.

Making an RSS reading Widget is pretty simple. Just rip apart another RSS widget. I will make one for Breaking Windows soon enough. First here is one for The BG News. I will post it on soon enough.


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Hey there - it's a bit embarassing to ask, but how do you 'rip apart' another widget? I'm wanting to make a widget for my photoblog rss feed... Any ideas?

Hi Phil,

Here ya go:

Pick a Widget you like, I chose the MacDailyNews Widget. Right-click on it and choose "Show Package Contents."

You will need to change a couple files here:

Default.png = background
Icon.png = Widget icon
Info.plist = Widget settings

There is also an HTML and CSS file you need to change. The only thing to change in the HTML file is the actual RSS feed URL, it is at the end part of the file.

You will also probably want to change the CSS so the link colors match your site.

If you install the Developer Tools, you can use Property List Editor to change the values in the info.plist file. This is not needed, but it helps.

You can edit the PNG files in Photoshop, etc, just make sure the end result is a single layer PNG file (with transparency). The Developer Tools install also has a blank Widget icon for you to use.

Here is a list of things to change in the info.plist file:

CFBundleDisplayName = Name of Site
CFBundleIdentifier =
CFBundleName = Name of Site
MainHTML = nameofsite.html

This is the easiest way to make your own RSS Widget.

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