Clutch plays lift Pistons into Game 7

With two such evenly-matched teams playing at such a high-level, anything but an all-or-nothing Game 7 would have been profoundly disappointing.
Source: FOX Sports

And you all thought that Detroit would crumble in Game 6. Too bad. Unfortunately this did not become a series until Game 5, as the first four games were huge blow outs, but Games 5 and 6 have been really great basketball. With the first Game 7 in NBA Finals history in 11 years, this is sure to be an electric final game between two very physical teams.

I just have two words to say:

Go Pistons!

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Go Spurs!

I'm sure you noticed the exceptional play of Brent Barry in these previous two games, including the most stunning play of the entire series, the amazing tip-in rebound + foul combo. It's plays like this that will allow Barry (and possibly those other guys on the team) to take this series in 7. Pistons don't have the depth the Spurs do, and that will be the deciding factor.

Oh, and poo to ABC for failing to broadcast the entire first quarter in hi-definition. Idiots.

For crying out loud do you want some cheese with your whine?

And you are right - the Pistons don't have the depth, especially on the bench, that the Spurs do. But it sure hasn't made one iota of a difference in this series.

The reason they won Game 6 is because they actually took, and made, three pointers. I think they made more in Game 6 then in the entire series, I can't remember right now, and am too lazy to look it up.

I have only really noticed Barry once for his basketball ability once in the playoffs. That tip in was not the most stunning play, even if you are a crazed Barry fan.

"Big Shot Bob" hitting the three to put the dagger in Game 6, that was probably the most stunning play in the series, if not in the top three.

Barry's barrage of three pointers was a definite high point for him, but I don't count that in the top three either.

Timmy missing the tip in at the end of regulation of Game 6, that ranks as one of the most stunning plays of this series.

But we all have our favorites. Even if they are tall funny looking white guys. I was a huge fan of Mark Price back in the day.

Their depth hasn't made difference? Horry comes off the bench. Barry comes off the bench. Udrih comes off the bench. They've all been factors, especially in the last two games (though not so much Udrich). Even if they lost game 6, it would have been a lot worse without those two.

Yes, they made more threes in that one game. That was a major factor. They're not a real shooting team though either. Their game is on the defensive end. If they can shoot that well, in game 7, the Spurs may be in trouble, but we're talking about a team that didn't break 70 in the first game. Not consistent.

And you're not watching Barry enough. Whether it's his quick hands, amazing 3-point shooting, free throw ability, or the ability to single handedly shut down Tayshaun Prince, he's in there, whether or not you're looking for him.

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