Delicious Library Dashboard Widget: Cache problem

When I upgraded to Tiger, which I am still transitioning to, I did not upgrade my current drive. My install of 10.3.9 was FUBAR, to put it mildly. I installed Tiger on one of my Firewire hard drives, and used that handy Migration Assistant utility to bring all my apps, docs, and prefs to the new clean Tiger install.

There were a couple casualties, but nothing major. The move to Tiger went much smoother then the move to Tiger. My biggest snag was thankfully not a production critical one. The Delicious Library Dashboard Widget introduced in version 1.5 would not find anything in Library! Then I found out it was only finding new entries. After a few emails back and forth with Delicious Monster (very helpful folks, I have conversed with them in the past with great results) I found that the Library Cache was the problem. Clearing this cache fixed this problem right away, and now I can use the Library Widget, which is very useful.

Here are the steps:

1. Delete this folder: ~/Library/Cashes/Metadata/Delicious Library Items
2. Launch and quit Library. Depending on how much you have cataloged in Library, this may take some time.
3. Close (if open) and open the Delicious Library Dashboard Widget

Now when you search using the Widget, it will work. Thanks to Drew Hamlin at Delicious Monster for informing me to regenerate the cache.

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