Hootie returns for new album

I hate music. I always have. I never owned a stand-alone CD player. I haven't owned a tape player since I was ten. I have zero use for an I-Pod or other assorted MP3 player. I own about 20 CDs at the most, split across video game soundtracks, Godzilla soundtracks, Weird Al and... Hootie. And movie soundtracks... with Hootie on them. Bootlegs... with Hootie on them. Singles... with Hootie on them. Imports... with Hootie on them. DVDs... with Hootie on them.

Now Hootie is back again, and their new single off their first non-studio album seems to be getting more airplay than ANY of the songs on their previous few albums (which is partially a crime). I don't know what it is about Hootie and his oddball band of Blowfish, but they're the only band I've ever enjoyed just listening too.

They're new single, One Love, confirms they still have it, and I've only heard half of it. The brief teaser clip on their site is really starting to tick me off. It's not fair. August 9th is the day, and I'll be outside Best Buy before they open (though some local smaller shops put it out earlier...). You should be too (or in Ken's case, be online at some MP3 site with one of his 29,000,549,068 music gadgets ready to download).

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I will admit that I own the first Hootie C D all of 11 years ago (damn I am getting old). But this was fueled in part by the fact that BMG sold it to me for one hot penny.

I never picked up another Darius Rucker album. Maybe for the same reason I only own "Bringing down the Hourse" and never picked up any of the Wallflowers other C Ds. Its not because their newer stuff isn't any good. Its because nothing they have done after their freshman effort has come close to the pure energy of that first album.

"One Love" does sound good though. I will admit. I just don't know if I will spring for the entire C D.

And Matt, I have 2 MP3 players, and iPod shuffle and iPod photo. Another note. Try only sites, they are cheaper then Best Buy. Allofmp3.com is a good one.

Sure, it'll be cheaper, and I can only play it on my PC, and if it crashes, I'm SOL. Can't burn it to my Xbox, can't play it any of my other systems in other rooms, etc. No MP3's for me. I like physical media.

There's an obvious hate music, like Hootie joke here but i'm too much of a man to make it.


I've ever heard or read someone say, i hate music.

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