Jagged Little Pill Acoustic Review

I am not ashamed to say that "Jagged Little Pill" was one of my favorite albums of my teen years. It was that time when I was really starting to discover music. I listened to a lot of different music back then. My musical tastes had a broader scope at that time. But more then anything, I still love the music of those years of my life.

This acoustic album is much better then what was planned - a re-mastering of the original 1995 "Jagged Little Pill." On first thought, this acoustic album seems like MTV Unplugged, rehashed. After listening through the entire album a couple times, this is much more then "Unplugged," and it is anything but rehashed. You sing along to every song on "Acoustic" and you do a double take. Did she change the lyrics? Are you serious? Morissette actually put effort into this album? Indeed she did. In a time when artists are becoming lax with their music - with "Best Of" albums that are merely re-mastered - Morissette delivers a new "Jagged Little Pill" that seems to have even more kinetic energy then the original some 10 years ago.

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what? are u serious?

Jagged Little Pill" that seems to have even more kinetic energy then the original some 10 years ago.

are u kiddin everybody?!

Pill acoustic is an opportunistic choice of Alanis to have more money form us!
This album is simply useless! Pill was a perfect cd! And now she had just broke up the xfectness of this album!

she's a total mess!


i don't agree, the production on this album is EXCELLENT! and the sound quality is a great leap forward (more to do with technology advanced than anything) its loud but not overcompressed, i put it in my recording studio monitors and was blown away at how well rounded the sonics of the record are. Its so very easy on the ears yet loud enough to be able to pick up detail at low volumes. Her voice sounds older and more mature, oh and you can actually understand what she is singing in this album alot more!

its worth the money just to hear so many great songs that you know re recorded and there has obviously been a conscious effort put into this album, its not thrown together by any means. the talent of alanis, her producer and musicians shine through


ok,we have different opinions about this album,ok,but please....

"Her voice sounds older and more mature"

are u joking? her voice now is a bit terrible!
Please,listen to the chorus of "You oughta Know",listen to what she has done to the beautiful "Right Through You"!!!..it seems that it is sang by a wolf or someone that's got a stomachache!...oh my god,and also,listen to "Forgiven",in particular the chorus: "we all..." (HAD A REASONT O BE THERE) it sounds of a computer voice! and the high music note at the end??? (will a be forgiveeeeeen)she took it very low..like all the concerts in all her career! beacuse she's too scary or too lazy to do it!
and we can talk also about "not the doctor"...annoying..."mary jane",....

Alanis stopped to sing WELL a lot of years ago unfortunately. I studied singing and i know for sure that Alanis sings the most of the music notes,most of all the HIGH music notes,with her throat and NOT with her diafraghm!
i hate this things because she's got an amazing voice but she doesnt' give a damn to it anymore!

Take the "Thank You" live at BBC in 1998 and the "thank you" live at some concert of 2005. You can hear perfectly the change of voice. It's not the fact of the mature voice,it's the fact that she's making all the things not with her heart but because she's got to do it!...under rug swept...a little flop....so called choas...orrible for the lyrics and the songs...

I love Alanis but i'm so pissed off about all the bad things she's doing...

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