KnightCite 2.0 Beta Released

In February The BG News picked up a wire story about KnightCite, and I found it to be such a great site I had to post it here.

The author just sent me an email which outlines some new, great, features.

From the email:

My name is Juice Searls, and I'm the developer of KnightCite. I had noticed you picked up the KRT wire story for use in BG's newspaper along with a link from your homepage and wanted to thank you for that by giving you the exclusive first look at KnightCite's first major upgrade.

I really do mean exclusive. Normally I'd start getting the word out about this project through my school's PR department, but because we want off campus users to be the ones to really start testing it over the summer, I decided to contact someone on the outside to make the announcement. The site just went live onto our production server about an hour ago, at 4pm EST.

Here's what you can do in the new version:

-Create a user account
-Save virtual papers and citations
-Fully featured with Organize/Manage/Edit/Delete functions
-The ability to export entire bibliographies into *.rtf and *.doc files already formatted and ready to print (e.g. already bolded, underlined, italicized, and with the hanging indent in there).

KnightCite has generated nearly a quarter of a million citations to date and with this project we're hoping to open the floodgates and win some converts from the professional crowd who use procite/endnote. I'm also beginning planning for KnightCite's next upgrade, which will work to create a single streamlined database of every useful citation created by its users and fully accessible to everyone through a unique approach to search.

And in one note that I hope you will appreciate, this project is what converted me to the Macintosh. I got started on it last summer and realized that I was getting a lot more done in a smaller amount of time when I was working on my studio's Mac as opposed to its PC. I picked up an iBook and a copy of BBEdit and I'm proud to say that the entire project was coded on a Mac and primarily tested in Safari.

Saving Word and RTF files is just amazing. A lot of hard work and programming has gone into this wonderful site. The iBook story is just icing on the cake.

Thank you so much "Juice" for helping so many people out of migraine headaches. I wish I had such a tool earlier. I have had a couple papers to write for school, and I now use and recommend this tool all the time.

Be sure to register at the KnightCite site to be able to check out these new features.

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