New Dunham Hiking Boots

L.L. Bean no longer carry my favorite boots. The boots I have been buying since 1999. Not only do they no longer carry the boots I like so much, they have stopped carrying size 14 all together. Thanks L.L. Bean. I guess it could not last for ever.

Of all places I found my next pair of boots at a New Balance site. Dunham is a New Balance brand, and they have a boot that is similar in design and contraction. They are also cheaper. And after wearing them for a week, they have much better arch support.

The Dunham 900 or "Waffle Stomper" are my new favorite boot. They are finally broken in, so my ankles don't hurt any more.

These things are great. They are lighter then my old Speed Hikers, and as I said, they have great arch support - great for those of us with flat feet. I am sure this is not big to you, but a conformable pair of boots make the day.

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